Stronger than the Storm

Love's Holy Gate

Love’s Holy Gate

We drove to Holgate yesterday, a place of no small significance in our lives. Sam wanted me to see the devastation still shockingly apparent even 10 months after Sandy’s visit. To see so much of what used to be, now no longer the same, or worse yet…no longer in existence is a sobering splash on the mind. This Island itself holds a special lamp up to us almost as if we ourselves were two sea vessels beckoned here…which in fact we were for the very first time together…just 4 days after 9/11.

If places could talk, this one is saying something to us now. There is something special about this summer in particular it wants us to know. Perhaps I can hear it because it allows me to. Or perhaps I can hear it because I allow it…or because I know it so well from having dreamed my childhood dreams on these very sands. But this summer is transitionary, if I may create a word. We are passing through a moment in time where one side of the imaginary line will be much different in a deeply profound way, from the side we have left behind us. Just as you are living through the eyes of your oldest…bound for college in the fall…

The dreams of my childhood manifested perfectly beneath a simple wedding chuppah on the sands of Holgate (Holy Gate) 8 years ago to the day 10 days from today! The thought that occurs to me here and now is the island herself revealing that only Love is stronger than the storm.  We with all our impressive trappings and titles, fancy skyscrapers and luxury homes are not. We are each of us nothing more than grains of sand…while some may sparkle more by the grace of the sun where they lay today, we are ALL gone tomorrow. But that which was consecrated between us as man and wife is the mightiest temple in the world because it is the very light of God’s heart given to us to hold and to cherish…Love is indestructible!

No army can conquer it. No plague can contaminate it. No storm can destroy it. Only by the hand of our own neglect is it vulnerable, because just as the God of nature assures us the fruits of a well-tended garden, he bestows this gift as well…for us to treasure beyond the shiniest of earthly jewels.

So my dearest friend, as we stand at this threshold and take the island’s words into our hearts, will you stand with me once again on the sands of Holgate and renew our vows to keep the sacred light…come what may


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2 Responses to Stronger than the Storm

  1. shutupnsing says:

    …and so they did, on August 9th at around 4pm in front of a small band of onlookers and some very emotional seagulls. 🙂

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