The Tsunami of Liberalism

The Liberal Tsunami

The Liberal Tsunami

America is now run by political sociopaths, unrestricted by laws, ethics or tradition. That characterizes both political parties. It does not matter whether we elect a “good man” next. No country survives dependent on the masses electing the right man. Countries survive with systems that protect them against the wrong man. We have lost that protection. The wolves salivate over the country of sheep. ~ Monty Pelerin

The progression of Liberalism advances on the body of society like disease with a slightly more diabolical design. A spider, which may not be described as evil, advances on its victim in much the same way. By first injecting a non-lethal toxin which merely paralyzes the prey, it is then able to wrap it in a silken coffin where it is kept alive until the spider is ready for its meal. Please someone give me a more apt description of the social toxin we now know as Political Correctness with one slight difference…

We’ve already established that the spider is not evil! But the intention behind Political Correctness and those who wield its power to their ends are in fact imbued of a 100% diabolical nature! The only thing separating the Liberal Ideologue from the spider and the great white shark is the ability to reason

This being the case, we can now associate them (Progressives*) with the diabolical by virtue of a simple fact. Liberalism is antithetical to Americanism to the extent that as Americans, we cherish the notion of individual sovereignty and self-rule over the various “Collective” alternatives. To the extent that freedom is a part of any discussion, Liberals are weakened in their arguments to such a point, their only recourse is to stifle the debate…and employ the effective toxin of political correctness designed to render their opponents as undesirables in the social eye…dangerously outside the “social norm”. So in effect, we are rendered just as paralyzed as the spider’s victims! And the consequence of stifling debate and demonizing virtue has led us straight into a stage 4, category 5 disaster of unprecedented and epic proportions so devastating that we would trade places with those who lived through the Great Depression in a heartbeat…if we only knew now what we will all sadly know by then. By then, of course, we will have made our own silken beds!

When I think back on observing my old schoolmates over the years through the window of our class reunions, it is much easier in hindsight to see and understand the incremental paralysis…the silencing…to the present day where we are unable to approach the obvious!  Remember the ole “Religion & Politics”-finger wag? No-No-No boys & girls!

Where have all the mavericks’ gone, long time passing…?

Where have all the free minds gone, long time ago?

Where have all the free men gone…gone to graveyards everyone.  

When will they ever learn…when will they ever learn?

What if by some magic, the class of ’72 at their 10 year could have had a conversation with their 40 year counterparts? Would they too have been so mesmerized by the iPhone, they’d have missed the threat of growing confiscatory policy and withering freedoms?

The bullet that killed us is deficit-spending pure and simple! But how they were even able to chamber such an insane load is even simpler! PC transformed the virtue of Franklinesque common sense into the heartless bigot…since the declared beneficiaries of their legislative malfeasance were ALWAYS the poor and disenfranchised minorities…all the while making their “champions” richer and richer and filthy richer!

Ponder this question. Which ideology controls our major cities? (#’s don’t lie) The final nail (hyperinflation) to usher in the ultimate deadly wave we have not seen yet. But it will come as surely as it came between Bismarck and Hitler. Monty Pelerin stops short of comparing Obama to Hitler in Tyranny Rules . He refers to him instead as the John the Baptist precursor to the next Hitler…

We grew up to the famous J.K. Rowling axiom, “The difference between men and boys is the size and price of their toys.” In the context of our present day reality and the fact that the greatest difference between the Liberal and Conservative is the toll on the former from the weight of the lie, I offer this modern day sequel, “The difference between the Conservative men & the Liberal boys is the slump from their burden and the height of their joys.” The Truth is truly effortless. Think about all the effort and energy required to fabricate its impostor and to have to remember where you hid it and who you hid it from! This is why older Liberals tend to slouch, hunch and scrunch closer to the ground…from a lifetime of carrying such an enormous weight! (Picture in your mind the drooping images of Bernie Madoff and Woodie Allen juxtaposed to the towering statures of Thomas Sowell and Dr. Ben Carson!) I myself would much prefer a lifetime of scurrilous attacks from without than a single moment of duplicity from within for this very reason!

A masterly scholar on the nature of men, Churchill famously quipped, “A Conservative at twenty may have no heart, but a Liberal at forty has no brain.” I think I may tend to view it through a more generous lens…I would rather believe that Liberals at forty are really Peter Pans living in their own Never, Never Land…who will tragically discover they are not, only after the tsunami hits and they realize they cannot really fly…any more than sheep can really swim.

THE most perplexing conundrum on the mind of the world in the rear view mirror of history will be how the greatest victims in the history of scapegoating sat back to watch their Christian brethren suffer the exact same atrocities…and not only do nothing…they cheered the violators on! 

Author’s note~

Having written this piece while on my vacation and re-visiting J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, I realized my use of the word unprecedented in describing the impending storm may have been inaccurate. As a veteran of the First and observer of the Second World Wars, Tolkien clearly understood man-made tsunamis better than any person could imagine. He witnessed first-hand, the consequence of man’s rejection of his better angels for the sake of utopian fantasies and the ultimate lie of Liberalism.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

* The difference between the radical Progressive and Liberals lies literally at the heart of the matter. The Liberal, generally speaking, has been innocently entangled in the web spun by the Progressive. The moment he/she recognizes this fact and continues on course is the dark moment they have transitioned from Liberal to Progressive…and quite literally sold their very soul!



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2 Responses to The Tsunami of Liberalism

  1. Gold Price says:

    What is a “liberal”, anyway …or shall we just take right wing radio’s word for it?Liberalism existed long before Rush Limbaugh and Ronald Reagan. In fact progressive change on this planet has happened despite people like those who want to keep things pretty much like they are.

  2. shutupnsing says:

    A true “Liberal” is one whose compassion outweighs their pocketbook, possess tremendous white guilt, trust a stranger in Washington before their own neighbor, and who should have been a doctor because of their obsession with prescribing things for others!

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