Optics of the Oligarchy

"I don't care about your world 'cause I'm enjoyin' the s**t out of mine!"

“I don’t care about your world ’cause I’m enjoyin’ the s**t out of mine!”

“I think that the best training a top manager can be engaged in is management by example. I want to make sure there is no discrepancy between what we say and what we do. If you preach accountability and then promote somebody with bad results, it doesn’t work. I personally believe the best training is management by example. Don’t believe what I say. Believe what I do.”

— Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan

“If you don’t understand that you work for your mislabeled ‘subordinates,’ then you know nothing of leadership. You know only tyranny.”

— Dee Hock

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others; it is the only thing.”

— Albert Schweitzer

“People will emulate leaders’ behaviors, believing they have silent permission to parrot actions demonstrated at the top of the power hierarchy.”

— Phil Buckley

“You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case.”

— Ken Kesey

The image above (CLUELESS in ALL body languages!) was taken on the literal heels of the unprecedented embassy closings around the world recently. The most significant (alleged) terror threat since 9/11 and this is where the man in charge chooses to be, rather than in front of the American people…the same man who childishly canceled his meeting with Putin following Putin’s decision to grant Edward Snowden a temporary visa…

…during this same week, it was revealed that the IRS is STILL targeting Conservative groups and citizens. Is it any wonder that Edward Snowden has a higher approval rating than Barack Obama? What does that say…when an alleged traitor of a country is more popular with the citizens of that country than the alleged President of that country? I believe it all boils down to optics.

The last thing Americans want to see or read about after 5 years of broken promises and 50 million of their fellow citizens on food stamps is their President flying his dog to his multi-million dollar vacation retreat in his own separate MV-22 Osprey!! We are literally being financially and morally gutted as a society on this man’s watch! How could anyone who dares to call themselves a leader be so…out of touch? Or is it possible that he just doesn’t know that Al Qaeda is still alive and well after pronouncing them dead right before his reelection? Or that the IRS is still doing what he claimed to be unaware of in the first place…after the IRS Commissioner’s 157 visits to the White House before his reelection?

Of all the leadership quotes above, the one that gives me chills is the Dee Hock quote because it’s as if she wrote it to describe the Obama Administration. My second personal favorite Obama quote “If Congress won’t act, then I will!” are not the words of a “leader” who respects the essence of America. They are the rantings of a narcissistic fool who has arrogantly placed himself above the laws of the land…with no one in the press to take him to task…and only ONE Senator (Cruz) with the guts to check them!

I say them because the more one follows what is happening the more one sees the fool above as nothing more than the charming black puppet who occasionally takes a break from his vacations to smile presidential-like before the Teleprompters. I’ll bet you a million bucks that if Jay Carney yelled “Madam President” in the West Wing, Valerie Jarrett’s head would turn (The Boss) …and while she orders “stand-downs”, tasks drones and plots IRS Conservative attacks, Barry’s in the next room on a putting carpet, or playing video games. A million bucks! Who will take my bet? 🙂

How is it that in EVERY other aspect of life as we know it, optics are everything? They are everything in business. They are everything in marriage. They are everything in parenting! Try raising your children while practicing optics that are inconsistent with the values you wish to instill. They used to be everything in politics too…until January 1, 2009! You see, Optics are replaced by Opaque Illusion in the Oligarchy…there is no other way to see it!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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