"I have a bridge..."

“I have a bridge…”

Is there a more important word in the entire realm of human relationship? Is it not the very bedrock…the literal and figurative “ground we stand on” in every single relationship we have? Whether it is with those we share our home with, those we go to work with, those we go to war with or those we elect to represent our interests; where would any of these relationships be without trust?

I listened to a very interesting interview between John Gambling and the author of The Damascus Countdown, Joel C. Rosenberg. In it he said, “If it were any other President making the case to bomb Syria under the circumstances we are faced with, I would more than likely support it. But this President is untrustworthy.” Who in their right mind would trust this man? He is virtually alone in the world…and that is not good for any of us! He has lost, or is loosing us our friends because he has no credibility whatsoever…

I think he was in Sweden when he took a question from a reporter regarding his Syrian “red line” comment a year ago. The “leader” of the free world replied, “My credibility is not on the line. America’s credibility…the world’s credibility is on the line.” I thought to myself here is a child who wants to be treated like an adult without having to pay the price that goes with it! He is not responsible!

We were born as a nation trusting in God because we knew God as responsible for everything. Most of us were born into families with responsible mothers and fathers we grew to rely on and trust because they were responsible for our lives. And most of us have grown up in communities where we’ve raised our own kids in an environment of safety and trust, because we too have been responsible! And then we literally fell asleep at the switch…and here we are at the brink of the next World War , where we have been manipulated rather than led!

“Our boys to be mercenaries of sheikhs, sultans and emirs!”~ Pat Buchanan

Trust, like reputation, can take a lifetime to build and an instant to destroy. This crisis will not end well because how can it? We have the moral equivalent of a pit viper in the White House and I fear to say, a nasty pack of equally untrustworthy scoundrels and liars there to do his dirty work, back him up and give him cover. The ONLY thing that can stop him will be an enraged public that is finally jolted out of the illusion of complacent helplessness and into the skin of the mother bear protecting her cubs…

I had one such mother, someone very close to me call me yesterday in tears. She kept apologizing over and over again for essentially turning me off. She and her husband living in a very Liberal state got caught up in the “Hope & Change” fairy dust, and simply were not ready to face such a horrible reality…until she woke up one day and the reality faced her. This is happening on a larger and larger scale everywhere now. The Benghazi truths are being told as more and more whistle-blowers find their courage on the wave of momentum. A flood is building that even the press will soon be unable to control. But it is all too late for reasons I have been writing about for months if not years now. “Representative Government” is an illusion. This is all Kabuki theater…Pelosi on cue “We may not have the votes.” Eisenhower was right! The Military Industrial Complex, financed by the central bankers who have all our money, has the ball now…and they’re not about to give it up to a hapless herd of spineless degenerates who pass themselves off as “our elected officials”…most of whom they’ve already bought anyway!

I have no idea how this ends. I’m fairly certain that there is no conceivable way it can end peacefully. There is simply no way that something so diabolical and intrinsically evil will surrender the power it has stolen…without a fight. Ann Barnhardt refers to it as a “hard reset”. This means a second revolution here at home is all but a foregone conclusion. But it is not enough to depose this fraud who has become a dictator. There are many who must be prosecuted for treason and punished. To restore the Republic we will need to restore trust at every level it has been violated…our schools, our corporate boardrooms, every level of government and our CHURCHES! How do we trust in God when we’ve lost faith in his shepherds? This can only come about when enough of us have finally awakened to the beds they have made for us…which we are finally beginning to do, thank God!

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”~ Thomas Jefferson

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1 Response to Trust

  1. Paul Laux says:

    Not only has this community organizer been untrustworthy from the day he took the oath of office, his untrustworthiness and sheer incompetence is a dangerous mixture in a volatile world. Watch the chaos increase in the days ahead. This community organizer-in-chief is a fool lighting matches above a barrel of gasoline.

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