Putting Truth To The Test

But Momma, that's where the Truth is!

But Momma, that’s where the Truth is!

My last post was all about Trust and who not to Trust. So who do we Trust? Wouldn’t that be the people we know who possess the highest degree of moral integrity and regard for Truth? Doesn’t our own common sense confirm this? So does this mean we can trust the person who attends church every Sunday? Sadly, no.

My general rule has become this in today’s world. I place the most trust in he or she who I am convinced has carried the Truth at the greatest expense and personal risk. We have been conditioned to reject orthodoxy by those who have led us here…which means they have all but marginalized those most likely to bring us the Truth. My friend asked me what I thought about Syria yesterday, and I replied “Why would I follow a liar anywhere?” Yes, ALL politicians lie. But not all politicians are pathological liars!

Next, we need to determine how ready we are to accept the Truth our newly discovered messenger is about to bring us. There was a powerful scene in A Few Good Men, where the Marine character played by Nicholson snapped at the defense lawyer character played by Cruise “You can’t handle the Truth!” He was of course referring to the “underbelly” of the beast that protects us and allows us to sleep in relative safety and comfort…because the men (and women) on that wall do some pretty nasty things. More locally, I think the question we ask ourselves is this. ~ How will my direct confrontation with Truth affect “my stuff”? Can I really afford to square off and look Truth straight in the eye…and thus become accountable to it? Ahhh…

                        “Mathematical Certainty” & “It’s Only Money”

Now the same evil psychopaths who have convinced us to reject the good guys are extremely determined to convince us that our guns are as bad for us as the Truth is. The typical response I get from my Liberally-inclined loved ones when I present my gun-rights argument is “When things get that bad, what will any of us be able to do about it?” The same innocent naivety is revealed to me personally by a loved one who says “Its only money” referring to the anxiety level of her husband during his first IRS “proctological exam”. 🙂

The fact is that you and I need guns for the very same reason that Michael Bloomberg needs guns. Our lives are every bit as important and precious. In fact more so…to us! Why should we be any less entitled to protect ourselves and our families than he is?

And money is only money until you don’t have it…which brings us to the most Truthful woman I know for exactly the reasons I stated above, Ann Barnhardt.

Remember the lines from the Springsteen song, momma told me not to look into the sun, but momma, that’s where the fun is? I am here to tell you that if you are ready for the Truth, then look through the fiery rays of her orthodoxy because momma that’s where the Truth is!

I urge you to read the following 2 pieces and then take the next week to get through her 8 part YouTube presentation on the economy.

Who Controls Your Food? (Remember last year Soros bought all the grain elevators?)

On Poland & Detroit. – There is simply no one piece you could possibly read that connects the dots from the “crisis” in Syria to the perpetual Euro “crisis” to the Healthcare “crisis” to the Climate “crisis” ad nauseam, better than this does!!!

Knowledge is power! Knowledge without Truth is a Lie in a tuxedo! 😉


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