Living in and FOR the Moment!

"You put poison in those pills Mr. Gower!"

“You put poison in those pills Mr. Gower!”

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”~ Charles R. Swindoll

The world has gone insane. To deny this is perhaps the most dangerous form of self-medication I can think of. If knowledge is power and we intentionally turn off that switch, then we have become part of the insanity, have we not?

To love America and watch what is being done to her daily is the most painful experience I have ever known. When Obama utters the word “We…” as if to say he is destroying the nation on “our” behalf, it causes the most extreme visceral reaction in me. It’s like finger nails on the chalkboard x a zillion trillion! Got the picture?

I want to share the stories of 3 different Americans I happen to know whose lives reflect the times we are living in. I received this wonderful news last week from my friend Kim who has been a relentless crusader against the spreading government cancer known as Common Core:


 Resolution in Opposition to Common Core Standards and Assessments 

Adopted by Both Democrats and Republicans 

 Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders

September 17, 2013 

(The text of the Resolution is both attached and copied below these comments.)

With sincere and heartfelt appreciation, please join me in thanking all of our Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders for their unanimous vote earlier tonight opposing Common Core Standards and Assessments, and, in particular, Vice-Chairwoman Joan Voss (D) and Freeholder John Mitchell (R) who jointly sponsored and actively lobbied for this important Resolution! Had you been there to hear all their wonderful comments, (and I hope to share the entirety with you soon as such must be circulated – not only in New Jersey –  but across the USA), you would have been as overwhelmed as I with thankfulness for their passion, understanding, and commitment to the wise education of our children. Further, the date of this passage is significant: on September 17, 1787, the Constitution of the United States was adopted. The very wording of this Resolution honors that as Common Core violates Constitutional law by granting the United States power that the Constitution reserves for the States and we the people.

It has been my extraordinary privilege to appear before this August body on several occasions sharing a multitude of information concerning the topic of this Resolution. In each appearance, I have experienced their utmost respect, sincere concern, and obvious careful examination of all presented. It is impressive to note that members of both Parties came together, in unanimity, to oppose this unconstitutional, expensive takeover and dumbing down of the education of children.

Joining me tonight to express our appreciation was Kim Barron and Susan Winton. Kim’s son, Jordan, a student in 8th grade, was our *star* witness! He spoke with ease, experience, and excellence regarding why he opposes Common Core. He had also been our *star* when he testified before the New Jersey State Board of Education and at a “Stop Common Core” press conference this month in Trenton with Kim, Nora Brower, Barbara and Bill Eames, Jan Lenox, Michelle Mellon, and Roseann Salanitri.

Not only has Kim engaged with “purpose”…she did so with her young son at her side, modeling the very essence of America~ That, in America it is the People who dictate to their government, and NOT the other way around! How wonderful!!!

Sadly, I wanted to share the story of two sisters who, at nearly sixty years of age, are still “working on themselves”. Linda and Doreen may have another 30 years on this planet and I seriously wonder if they will be in the very same place of trying to figure themselves out 29 years from now! I blame Oprah 100% for founding the mindset that has created an entire industry turning charlatans into millionaires and an entire generation into self-absorbed, self-medicating, unaccountable “victims”! 😦

We are in the most dangerous moment in American History and WE need ALL hands on deck! It is time to snap out of whatever self-defeating web that has been spun around us, accept the hand that life has dealt us and GET IN THE GAME!

We have young children and have not called our congressman to demand an end to the power-grabbing scam called Common Core? Shame on us!

We have children in their late teens and haven’t called our congressman to demand the impeachment of this President for Ft. Hood, Benghazi and now Syria? Shame on us!

We have elderly parents who worked their entire lives to give us the opportunities they never had and we haven’t called our congressman to demand they Defund and Repeal the Legislative LIE otherwise known as Obamacare…and then impeach the worst mistake America has ever made? Shame on us!

We have an American President illegally arming the very same savages who took down the Twin Towers forcing our friends, neighbors and family members to do swan dives onto pavement from 100 stories above the ground! Shame on every single one of us!!!

If you are offended by these words instead of motivated then, might I suggest you expand your “News” sources and do your own investigating by simply Googling any of the above-mentioned issues?

A very interesting point was made on a Catholic Blog that drew a ton of comments over the recent comments by Pope Francis over the weekend. Her point, in so many words, was get off the computer and get about “the Lord’s business!” Without getting into the weeds of the controversy created by the Pope’s words, please allow me to extrapolate her intention by rephrasing her words into a universal question. Why are we here? I’ll even give the savages who slaughtered non-Muslims in Kenya and Christians in Pakistan over the weekend their due because they are certainly about their lord’s business, aren’t they…the business of murdering children for not being able to recite from the Koran! Please take the following words into your heart:

They are free to go about their business fulfilling their purpose to the very extent  we choose to  abdicate ours!

I encourage you to scroll back through my archives to read my piece on “Individual” Activism from earlier this month because it gets to the heart of my point. Our “Rights” as Americans are attached to our ultimate obligation to keep the Republic the Founders have given us through our active participation!

Judging by the Pope’s recent comments it’s become quite clear that the Central Powers consisting of Corporate, Church and State have morphed into one House in full control of the lawless and corrupt Central Bank Casinos with one goal in mind. They are tilting the earth in favor of the Collective where they are the cowboys and we become the herd…where seldom is heard a discouraging word (because they shoot you!). Welcome to the build-out analysis end zone of the New World Order brothers and sisters!

I had a very interesting conversation with my Liberal family members last month. We were talking about technology, the NSA and Snowden and what it all means. What I found particularly disturbing was the complacent nature of their acceptance of what amounts to the complete surrender of our 4th Amendment Rights! It would be as if a thief broke into the room to steal their daughter and niece and they handed her over with a smile! They are turning our smart phones into hand cuffs people!

Individual Liberty and Freedom are in greater danger now than they were on the eve of June 6, 1944 when Eisenhower unleashed the allied assault which proved to be the turning point known as D-Day and Hitler’s eventual cyanide cocktail! The greatest irony in the history of planet earth is contained in a little pill called Obamacare. Ted Cruz is our George Bailey realizing that the drunken pharmacist from It’s a Wonderful Life put pure rat poison in our medicine! Except this prescription was no accident. This concoction is a 3,000 page witch’s brew of deadly design with sinister intent by those drunk and addicted to their own power…who were apparently sober enough to exempt themselves from their own poison! THIS IS OUR D-DAY!!! This is their battleship and we need to sink it! It is the tyrants dream…the Collective Cowboy’s Stockyard…Complete with fence, branding iron…and slaughterhouse! Not on our watch! 😉

Rise up, call your senator and let him or her know that you have NO intention of taking your medicine. DEFUND, REPEAL & IMPEACH NOW!! Pass it on!!

This is worth repeating!

From Letter 16, St. Catherine of Siena:

I beg you to make it so, so that hard word will not be said to you as a reprimand from the First Truth, saying, “Cursed be you who were silent.” Oh, be silent no more! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that, through being silent, the world is spoiled, the Bride of Christ has paled, her color taken from her …Don’t sleep in negligence any longer. Act at the present time, however you can. I believe that there will come a time when you can no longer act; but now, at the present time, I invite you to strip your soul of all self-love, and dress it in hunger and real, true virtue, to the honor of God and the health of your soul. ~ from Anne Barnhardt’s “A Little St. Catherine”

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