The Kingdom of Fake

"Let them eat cake!"

“Let them eat cake!”

He’s a real nowhere man living in his nowhere land making all his nowhere plans for nobody. ~ John Lennon

All kinds of dots start connecting when liars begin running out of believers! Take for instance the Iranian Leader Rouhani’s snub of Obama on the world stage right here in New York just as we learn that Obama is King of the fake Twitter accounts! It seems that Mr. Rouhani knows what we “Anarchists”, as Harry Reid likes to call us, have known all along. There is absolutely nothing real about our president! He is nothing more than an ethereal hologram produced by our own “Progressive” news media…and the entire world knows it…especially the bad guys. Their predatory instincts make them particularly adept at sniffing weakness and lack of character and substance. That is very bad news for the rest of us…

But it does seem that most Americans are finally beginning to figure that out. Take for instance the amazing turn of “recall” events in the very Blue State of Colorado for the unfortunate politicians who attempted to stomp on the 2nd Amendment Rights of their constituents…on the heels of “Nowhere Man’s” shameless Newtown and then Navy Yard Massacre political theatrics. And how about the 9/11 Million Muslim March in DC where all 5 Muslims Marchers were upstaged by a million flag-waving American bikers?

What will really be interesting is to see what happens after people begin to figure out that his greatest legislative accomplishment as President…his very legacy of Obamacare is every bit as FAKE as he is…which should get interesting when it begins to meet up with the very REAL challenges of REALLY sick people! Won’t that be fun? And guess what happens when we empower FAKE? FAKE MULTIPLYS!!!! 

Whoa! What about the Stock Market? FAKE! What about the entire global-warming, climate-changing “Sustainability”scam  FAKE! What about the Wars on Terrorism, Poverty, Dugs & Women? FAKE, FAKE, FAKE & FAKE!!!!

Can you imagine a Town Hall with this FAKE President in a room full of REAL Americans? 🙂

You know they can’t allow that to happen for so many reasons. Every situation where they allow this man anywhere near the illusion of a public appearance can only be under the fully orchestrated construct of a Hollywood-like movie set with paid actors acting their parts. The closest they came to allowing him near a real person was the now infamous White House Prayer Breakfast where the simple words of a very REAL Dr. Ben Carson caused the FAKE to shrivel in its chair. “Nowhere Man” knows he has nowhere to hide! You see FAKES need MORE FAKES to look REAL, whereas REAL looks REAL with other REALS or all by itself. But REAL looks especially REAL in the presence of FAKES! More people need to see this!!

The essence of the empowered FAKE by degree is diabolical…it is intrinsically Evil and not only opposite of Good…it is totally devoid of Good just as a moonless and starless night is void of Light. Any good associated with it is purely apparition. It’s greatest fear and #1 enemy is The Truth! It’s #1 goal is a Kingdom of Fake where it seeks to entomb Truth because even it knows that Truth cannot cease to exist. Think about this simple fact for a moment. FAKE needs to project itself onto its subjects in order to convince. REAL, whose Best Friend happens to be The Truth, only has to be. Now watch the Ben Carson speech again in the context of these facts. Ben Carson spoke to the blinding light of Truth from the Gospel to the very evil nature of Political Correctness 3 feet away from the empowered FAKE who RELYS on Political Correctness for his Political Cover and very survival!!! REAL fills and lights a room all by itself…leaving FAKE to fade into bitter nothingness…which is exactly the expression on Obama’s face throughout 99% of Carson’s speech!

Another REAL man just finished holding the Senate floor for nearly 22 hours straight in an effort to save the American people from a fate worse than death; the implementation of Obamacare! It is a fate worse than death because it is the end of true Liberty and Freedom masquerading as Healthcare ushered in by the FAKE! Ted Cruz spoke the Truth about the insidious lie of Obamacare for the better part of 22 hours straight! What more does one need to know than the fact that the Congressional FAKES who baked the cake are refusing to eat it themselves???

In the Kingdom of FAKE, the people and their representatives are in an abusive relationship. We have become the abused wife. They have become the wife-beater who buys flowers at election time…and we keep coming back for more. We’ve allowed this to happen because we have accepted what FAKE has offered…from Hope and Change to food stamps and bailouts, we’ve taken the bait. And once we do we have made ourselves a part of the Kingdom of FAKE. This is exactly what has happened to the Republican Caucus who happen to be squirming in the purgatory between FAKE & REAL at this very moment! 😦

I begin and end my day on my knees every day praying for God to give me the strength to live every single moment of that day with honor, courage and integrity because I know what is baked into this cake even though my sweet tooth is no different from yours. It can be very tempting to accept a slice around 3pm in the afternoon…

Or, we can simply say no thanks and have a piece of fruit instead. In fact wouldn’t it be grand to turn the tables on our Political Pastry Chefs? YES! We can in effect Let Them Eat Their Own Cake! In fact we can take a whole lot of hot air out of the entire Kingdom of Fake with one phone call. Call your Senator today and tell them to vote NO on Cloture tomorrow!!!! (202) 224-3121

So what if they “shut down the government”! IT’S ALL FAKE!!!!!! 😉

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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