“It’s Better to Serve in Heaven…”

What Has Happened to US?

What Has Happened to US?

~ A twist on John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” in which Satan, after being banished from Heaven, quipped “Its better to Rule in Hell than to Serve in Heaven.” …and he has!

Why shouldn’t we put a Marxist in Gracie Mansion? We put one in the White House! What has happened to America when the best we have to offer ourselves to lead the most important city in America are Perverts, Lesbians and Marxists? What Americans in their right minds and in good conscience would empower the Unrepentant and the Un-American? Answer me that Archbishop Dolan! Jesus taught us to love the sinner, not to follow them! Does the “Collective” Cat have the tongue of your Eminence? 

Of course Obama and the Clintons endorse Bill de Blasio…they are all birds of the same “Collective” feather, cut from the very same “Progressive” cloth…here to provide through the mechanism of government the Fairness and Equality that we are incapable of providing for ourselves. Slaves are made in such ways…as our Founders knew only too well!

The Communists figured out that in order to win the hearts and souls of the South American People, they had to go through the Catholic Church to get to them. So they did this by giving Jesus a Marxist-Makeover…they remodeled Jesus as the world’s greatest “Victim”…just like them! Once they accomplished that, changing the “Individual” Path to Salvation to one of “Collective” Salvation was a piece of cake! And it’s catching on here too!

  • Worldwide “Bail-ins” on top of “Bail-outs”
  • Governing “Without the Consent” of the People
  • “Doctors Flee NJ” while “Journalists Flood the Obama Administration”
  • Stupak’s Deal with the Devil
  • Lawmakers Exempt Themselves From Their Own Poison
  • A President Masterful in the Art of Class Warfare
  • Obama’s War on Whistle-blowers

The most important ingredient in the social stew above…the very roux of the steaming gumbo about to make us all very, very sick, are the legions of “Useful Idiots” who have lined up and continue to line up for more! In essence these are people who, as Milton might say, are committed to Serving in Hell.

To be the one person wearing red standing in a very crowded room full of people wearing blue is a very dangerous place to be in today’s world! But it is a much easier stand after you realize where the others are leaning and what it is you are standing for. 🙂

Here’s a pretty good description of Hell on Earth…You’ve just committed nearly one third of a million dollars to the education of your child where he/she will literally be “Fully Exposed”  to “The discussion forum is described as “an open and honest discussion about power, privilege, race, class, gender, ability, and other isms how they intersect with nudity, body image, nudity in relation to (de)sexuality, etc.”” You got that? The intersection of power and sexuality…sounds like the trappings of a new-age Animal House to me, but I was fortunate enough to avoid “Higher Education”, so what do I know? I know this; Brown is merely a Community College at the Intersection of Power & Sex! For SIXTY GRAND A YEAR, why not just intern them on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC? Marxist Morons! 😦

PS– Pssst…Moms and Dads…don’t rent out their rooms just yet. I have a funny feeling…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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