The Three Legs of “Fearless Defiance”



“Let the lie come into the world, but not through me!”~ Solzhenitsyn

The unthinkable has occurred as the most important red line has been crossed. Today in these United States of America, Catholic Military Chaplains have been barred from administering the Holy Sacraments, their own conscience and the spiritual needs of their troops…by their own Commander-in-Chief!  

There is a concept known to the world of developers, community planners and municipal planning boards as “Build-Out-Analysis”. It is perhaps the most essential component of the application and approval process with any large scale development project because it reveals the end result. Without the BOA, it is nearly impossible to determine the actual impact on schools, traffic and overall quality-of-life the project will really have.

The Central Planners do not offer BOA for any of their schemes whether it be Healthcare, Financial, Education or Environmental for a very good reason. Nobody in their right mind would ever approve it!

“Every action the elites within our government take pushes the U.S. closer to globalism and away from sovereignty. We may not always see the bigger picture in the heat of the moment, but a look back tells us much. Seemingly simple changes in financial legislation render devastating fiscal shifts a decade later (as with the progressive erasure of Glass-Steagall). Shocking disaster events that appear random suddenly open doors for totalitarian legislation that had been prepared years in advance. Wars end with further calls for world “unification.” Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens within government that does not revolve around the desire of establishment oligarchy to achieve total global economic, political and social control.”~ Brandon Smith, from The Possible Outcomes of the Shutdown Theater

Most of us know by now that the “Build-out-Analysis” of Obamacare is a Single-Payer-System of completely Nationalized Healthcare controlling 16% of the US Economy; enforced by the IRS and monitored by Obama regime’s most radical and devoted orcs; the ACORN, SEI & Planned Parenthood “Navigators”!

WND put forth an interesting poll in this fascinating reort:


No, the law is egregiously unconstitutional (40%, 254 Votes)

No, and millions of Americans need to stand together like the founders did and test the law (36%, 228 Votes)

No, but I am prepared to go to jail if necessary to protest this un-American, totalitarian outrage (17%, 111 Votes)**

No, but I have no doubts this government will selectively enforce this law (6%, 41 Votes)

No, at this point, hardly anyone is participating, but it will come to that (less than 1%, 2 Votes)

Yes, they should lock them up and throw away the key (less than 1%, 2 Votes)

Yes, it’s just like not paying taxes (less than 1%, 2 Votes)

Other (less than 1%, 2 Votes)

** This needs to be 100%!!!

                                                               The Three Legs

Knowledge– “Knowledge is Power”~ Sir Francis Bacon

Action– “Act and God Will Act”~ Joan of Arc

Faith– “Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight!”~ Psalm 114:1


Relying on Brian Williams and his MSM cohorts for your world news is like trying to get a sun tan in your basement! Come on out to the sun deck with the rest of us and add the following to your knowledge resource base:

The Drudge Report- General World News

Ann Barnhardt- Political Opinion & Faith (Her Latest Interview)

Pamela Geller- The Truth about Islamic Jihad

Zero Hedge- Political opinion with focus on the Capital Markets from a mostly Libertarian perspective

Notice I didn’t advise you to subtract anything! Add these to your diet and I promise you won’t be in the dark ever again…in fact, you’ll be able to carry your own on any front at the next family get-together…which raises the question, “What do we do now?”


This would depend on where you’re at presently. If you are just waking up, then your very first action should be to bookmark the sites I’ve just listed. Then I would heartily encourage you to attend a local Tea Party event near you. Find a local Oath Keepers chapter and attend one of their monthly meetings. You will find wonderful and friendly (local) people in either case, who will become an amazing and invaluable network when things get dicey. I’ve started a business networking group for like-minded small businessmen and women. Anyone can join…who takes our nation’s founding principles to heart. We call our group First Principles and we are growing rapidly! If you’re a musician, you’ll find home-sweet-home here:

But we are rapidly reaching a point…a red line as stated in my very first sentence that calls for a greater action. The time for action of civil disobedience and defiance is now. Our wonderful WWII Veterans led the way by defying Obama’s orders to shut down the memorials! Will the Catholic Chaplains display the same degree of courage or will they allow despotism to come between them and the Eucharist? Here are some inspirations:

A Beautiful Act of Fearless Defiance:

A Trucking Act of Fearless Defiance:


If knowledge and action are rifle and bullet, then faith is the artillery battery! And I’m not talking about the empty promise of 72 virgins…I mean the faith that wells from the heart of mercy, passion and love. Faith is the ultimate killer of Fear…

The William Wallace/Joan of Arc of the present day has challenged us to come out from behind the anonymity of our social network handles to stand in the place where we live…

“Given the tactical situation, the proper course is NOT for us to hide. That ship sailed a LONG time ago.  The only thing that hiding behind aliases, handles and noms de guerre accomplishes is opening a HUGE door to the enemy such that they can infiltrate us with ease never-before-seen in the annals of war.”~ Ann Barnhardt 

One of my personal heroes is the Catholic Bishop of Peoria, Illinois, Daniel R. Jenky who put Obama in the league he deserves by comparing his policies to those of Hitler and Stalin during a Homily he delivered to 500 faithful Catholics a couple of years ago. I wrote him to thank him and let him know that I supported his courageous stand, and he wrote me back asking me to pray to St. Michael every day…which I now do.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the divine power of God, cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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