An Open Letter to My Catholic Friends

The stoning of Saint Stephen

The stoning of Saint Stephen

I have observed that because of the pitch of the roof and the placement of the large and beautiful statue of Jesus on the Cross high above the parishioners at St. Stephen’s (First Martyr) in Warwick, our Lord is leaning towards us.

I know that these are trying times on so many levels, but I am moved to speak to you as your brother, friend and neighbor because these times require a sharper eye and a more vigilant heart. But for the life of me, as our Lord is leaning towards us…not only do I feel us leaning away from him, but God help us…we are being led away.

I know that I am delving into very difficult waters here in that many of us have very strong feelings rooted in our own unique experiences of faith and life itself. On top of this, what I am speaking to is a mystery within the greatest mystery of all. Color me foolish, but I believe clarity provides us with both the window to the soul and the fortress to protect it! So what is the nature of the cloudiness we are ALL experiencing?

In the same way that technology reveals to our minds the before-unseen evil of abortion, it also provides us access to information that we have a solemn responsibility to process as part of our vigilance. “But sight is our payment for a service un-rendered, for the heart to make known what the eyes only see.” I trust these words came to me from the Well of the Holy Spirit.

When Bishop Daniel Jenky leaned courageously towards Truth in his now famous homily, The Call to Catholic Men of Faith , did the faculty of Notre Dame draw from the Well of Holy Spirit in their response to his message…or another well perhaps?

Is it the Well of Holy Spirit that moves Cardinal Dolan to abide lesbian/wiccan desecration of the Eucharist at St. Francis Xavier, Holy Communion to Cuomo and the Al Smith capitulation to Obama…or has he too tapped some other source?

Here’s a tough one. Who is closer to harmony with our Lord; the “Whistleblowers” or those who prosecute them as well as those whose corrupt deeds the Whistleblowers bring to light? At around the 10:00 minute mark, the Whistleblower speaks of a “Conglomerate” and its relationship to the “Vatican Bank and the Jesuits”. Is this a relationship that has drawn from the Well of Holy Spirit…or poisoned it? 

So if exposing the corruption of the world banks is the Whistleblowers’ primary objective, and the “central banks and international banks are the bedrock of globalization”, and we are able to clearly see in the rear-view-mirror that “Every action the elites within our government take pushes the U.S. closer to globalism and away from sovereignty.”…exactly what part of us can interpret any of this as anything other than diabolical at its very core? How and why in the world are Detroit tax dollars ending up in UK Banks?

And now, not only are WE Catholic Americans funding the abortions of the most innocent (late term and selective gendercide!), WE ARE FUNDING OUR OWN!!

…when they kill the Coptic Christian in Egypt, they are killing US! When they murder the Catholic Priest in Kenya, they are murdering US! When they burn our Lord’s Church in Pakistan, they are burning OUR Church…and WE are paying for it!!

I have been led to the Catholic faith by my own conscience because it appeared to me as the solid rock most steady in a “fundamentally transformed” world of rapidly growing illusions and delusions…where we are being led past the gates of mathematical and natural laws and boundaries…to what end exactly? I can accept that this is all in God’s hands. What I cannot accept is that it is God’s plan for us to whistle past our own graveyards!

Think of the supreme irony for us in Warwick. We friends of St. Stephen…the very first martyr …stoned to death for the crime of denouncing his listeners in the Sanhedrin for resisting the Holy Spirit. Where are we in life’s Passion Play my friends? Are we sufficiently prepared for a little déjà vu all over again?

Humbly your friend in Christ,


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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