The Tea Party Needs You!

The World Knows!

The World Knows!

Once upon a time in America there was this lovable and patriotic guy named Uncle Sam. For many, many years when Uncle Sam needed us, we were there for him. But then one day he began to change…he started acting funny. He would stay out all night and sleep all day. He used to love Italian food, but now he’s terrified of garlic. He used to be very proud of his image in the world…but then he got rid of all the mirrors (and flag pins) in his apartment and changed his name to Count Obama…very strange!

Around this same time Americans themselves began to change too. We had always been known for our “work ethic” and “drive” to go out and “make our own way”. And now we seem more inclined to “veg” and “hang” and wait for it to “come to us”. We began to lose all our energy as the color and glow faded from our cheeks. First we lost our faith in God and then we began to lose faith in ourselves; so we turned to the quick and easy fix of false comforts and distractions…

And then one day, this very large group of people from all over the country just decided to wake up! They dug Uncle Sam’s old clothes out of the mothballs, put them on, grabbed their flags (and flag pins) and took to the streets! The color began to return to their cheeks as they shouted NO to the Count’s greatest dream…the largest blood bank in the universe, Obamacare! This enraged, infuriated…and terrified the Count because now his clever little scheme was flushed out of the shadows and into the light of day where he was loathe to tread. Dr. Ben Carson knew this and revealed the Truth while the Count withered in his presence. Senator Ted Cruz knew this and filibustered light into the Senate Chamber!

Thanks to the Tea Party the People of the World now know what the American People now know. You can run Count, but you cannot hide! Sooner or later we will find your sleeping place… 😉


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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6 Responses to The Tea Party Needs You!

  1. That’s it? Obama’s a vampire, and some day we’ll get him??!!

    A perpetual problem with movements like the TP is that it’s a remake, not an original. A song based on someone else’s earlier, better work. I mean, how many remakes succeed, compared to the number that flop? The best you can hope for is “Well, it’s almost as good…” all the while knowing that, no, it isn’t.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Yes….well, it’s easier to dance to than the Rhapsody of Tyrants Invisible Mikey! Surely you’d agree there’s nothing original about that tune, eh? What are you hiding from?

      • I’m happily making myself hidden from spammers, salespeople and starf*ckers, Chip. I have a past in show biz. If you had enough valuables, you would put up a fence too.

  2. Chip Murray says:

    Celebrity must make it pretty hard for you to be you…I guess. It makes you wonder why people chase after it so hard…

    • The lack of wisdom in the young is pretty ordinary I expect. And fame really is fun, unless you get too much, at which point it sucks. I walked away before it got too toxic, and switched to health care work. But movie/TV work from the mid-80s still follows me around!

  3. Chip Murray says:

    …like walking away from the Black Jack tables when you’re up. How many can? It seems to me that fame is no different than any other opiate/intoxicant. Good for you you were able to “leave the table”. Now that you’re in healthcare, I would caution you to be careful. Obamacare is a very dangerous hallucinogen you know! 🙂

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