The “Dry Run” Squeeze Play & the What Ifs?

Bottom of the 9th!

Bottom of the 9th!

America is fighting for her very survival right now on two different fronts and against two separate enemies, both of whom have ramped up to the “dry run” stage of an imminent offensive that has more than likely been coordinated for maximum effect…as I see it.

Her foreign enemies have been staging dry-runs on commercial airline flights as is being reported by various pilot union sources. And we have another three dry-ice bombs being detonated  near three aircraft at California’s LAX.

At the same time, her domestic enemy just set in motion a series of dry-run events which left food stamp EBT holders in 17 states without funds, EBT holders in Louisiana with unlimited funds, EBT holders in Utah scared to death which has brought all 46 million Americans dependent on the EBT system to the doorstep of panic and chaos!

The Underlying Premise~ There is no precedent to suggest that any government that has ever centralized power so aggressively and so corruptly would ever surrender it peacefully.

                                                     What if? ~ Option #1

What if the Keynesians had been right and the Fed’s massive pump-priming stimulus had worked and the green energy industry had boomed? Answer– The Tea Party would have likely faded from a raging bull to a frustrated yipping puppy.

                                                     What if? ~ Option #2

What if Obama’s unrelenting malicious and disrespectful treatment of conservatives and veterans had resulted in an act of violent retribution by either group? Answer– Marshall Law and a likely disarming of the American Citizens. 

                                                     What if? ~ Option #3

With the first two options having failed by the grace of God, and the people waking up to the realities of Obama’s true nature and intentions, Option 3 is the last desperate fall-back for the New World Pranksters…and it would explain the “dry-runs”! The one-two punch of terrorist attack in unison with financial collapse and ensuing civil unrest brought on by the government’s failed debt ceiling negotiations…or credit rating downgrade…or world rejection of the US dollar, would give the regime the perfect excuse it needs to seize total control.

Think about it…they are cornered and the clock is ticking. Between Snowden, the World and Central Bank Whistleblowers and the Tea Party, Obama is watching his plummeting poll numbers knowing his window of opportunity is closing fast. Even Jon Stewart is beginning to figure it out for God’s sake! Yes, I understand it all seems like a crazy Stephen King novel, but if you think for a second that #3 is nothing to worry about or prepare for…imagine 46 million of these cherubs when there’s no more food! Oh…and lest we forget about these lovely souls!  So…how about those Mets? 🙂

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