“Standing Ovation”???

 Political Pustule Pussy

Political Pustule Pussy

You, and all others who continue to play this puerile game of “borrow and borrow some more” like it has no cost, when in fact it has immediate cost imposed on everyone in the country that by now, over the last five years, you have seen repeatedly demonstrated and are no longer able to be debated, deserve impeachment, indictment, prosecution and imprisonment. ~ Karl Denninger

We must make ourselves ready to resist by making ourselves separate from the monster we plan to fight. Crisis waits for no one, and on the path our nation now walks, crisis is assured. ~ Brandon Smith

When I heard that John Boehner received a “standing ovation” for surrendering to Obama, I recalled the now infamous Tex Antoine quote “When rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” We have become citizen spectators in the coliseum of our own demise. And just how do the spineless render a standing ovation anyway? There is no Republican “Caucus”…there is only a political Petri dish with a slithering culture of former men. I believe Denninger’s term was “pustule”.

A “standing ovation” for surrendering your principle, violating your oath and betraying our country…as 90 year old men in wheelchairs stormed barricades around your pathetic hides! Shame! And in classic Republican insult-to-injury style…on his knees…with tearful eye, “We’re going to continue to fight!” Continue to fight? Over what…Which tombstone to place at the grave of our now stone-dead Republic? Hey maybe if you are nice enough, Obama will let you pick it out! 

When we are finally able to shake ourselves loose from what has become a continuous loop cycle of beating-flowers-beating-flowers-beating-flowers to realize that both Republican and Democrat have become the Monster Smith refers to above…then and only then will we finally have a prayer of putting it out of its power-sucking misery! From this moment in time any man or woman who sends one penny to either party will deserve the full consequence of their well informed folly! 

America has fallen people…the seemingly normal lives you think you are living right this moment is 100% stagecraft (except for the part that you and I actually did build…ironically 🙂 ) by the same theatrical pustules who brought you the supposed fight above…until they’ve emptied our pockets altogether. Once they’ve gotten what they’ve come for, the charm illusion will be gone just like any roaming town-to-town carnival. In its place will be a new face…a face you did not bargain for. A face so foreign and deadly with no need for pretense, you will crave the old abuser! Here we are either warrior or prey. THIS is where our intellectual laziness and political lethargy…and karma perhaps, has led us! Please listen to what this Navy Seal has to tell you and think about your family and how you are going to shake off the rusty old paradigm and make each moment from here count.

Might I suggest the Brandon Smith formula of “Non-Participation” as a fabulous first step and truly effective way to starve the beast!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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