The Autumn of Surrender in New York!

It's 3 pm...Do you know where your Truth is?

It’s 3 pm…Do you know where your Truth is?

Al Qaeda wants New York and we are on the verge of giving it to them. In the final hours of a dying Republic there are always a few embers that refuse to die. Even as Obama’s thugs were raiding the quiet home of Pulitzer-nominee journalist Audrey Hudson in the suburbs of Maryland this past August, her 60 Minutes peer Lara Logan was preparing her 60 Minutes Overtime shocker on “Benghazi”…which could have been titled “We’re Here to Kill Americans”!

“I cannot tell you whether you are next on the list, but I can tell you there is a list and the truth-tellers are on it. The modern day Paul Revere’s are in their crosshairs, for they are the last obstacles to full-blown tyranny and fascism that awaits us. Once silenced, there will be no one left to warn the slumbering or the deceived. The bells will go silent.” ~ Douglas Hagmann from Silencing Dissent by SWATting Messengers of Truth

If we were the healthy functioning Republic we were founded to be, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton would be executed side by side for treason. There has never been a greater “smoking gun” than Benghazi! But we’re not, so as one traitor prepares his next assault the other prepares her bid to replace him…which brings us to New York.

The birds of a feather are circling the autumn skies over Manhattan as millions of unwary New Yorkers whimsically mistake Caliphate drool for a spritz of rain. “Red Bill” de Blasio will never see the inside of Gracie Mansion as Mayor if Truth Messenger Pamela Geller has anything to say about it! Fearless Freedom-Fighter Pamela Geller is the same Pamela Geller whose bold mass-transit bus and subway ads are exposing Red Bill’s “Savage” friends for all to see! Talk about a modern day Paul Revere!

Except that “Red Bill” is enjoying the full faith and credit of our President and former Secretary of State…which means he will probably be the next Mayor of New York. Start spreading the news…I’m leaving today…if I had a lick of sense! This will be the end of the very successful “Stop & Frisk” as well as “Mosque Surveillance” policing tactics of Ray Kelly’s NYPD. My-oh-my, the New York Liberal is in for one hell of a rude awakening! We always get what we pay for my friends!

The question is will enough Americans awaken in time to prevent the inevitable. The messengers know that Truth is the tree in the garden of high noon at the peak of summer solstice where the liar’s shadow cannot be seen. I’d say it’s now about 3 pm in the Autumn of New York. 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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