The Moral of the Story

"You Can Keep It!"

“You Can Keep It!”

In the wake of the Obamacare rollout a new realization is dawning on most Americans. Tuning in to the Brian Williams, Katie Courics, Matt Lauers and Wolf Blitzers for the news we need to know is no different than looking to the Tooth Fairy for your next root canal! How and why would anyone trust any of them ever again? If only more of us had listened to Glenn Beck in 2008!

Remember the good ole “too close to the stove” morals of the story we all grew up with? So how about the story where the good guys; falsely painted as villainous bigots and racist scoundrels who gave up jobs and opportunities, lost friends and family for desperately trying to warn the people they loved about the terrible storm at every stage. Yes every storm brews before it comes and finally devastates just ask Churchill…and those who didn’t listen to him because they knew better.

If I should die before I awake, there’s only one storm I would pray to break. If prayer is the seed that yields tranquility, Liberalism is the seed that yields devastation! The really scary part is that we haven’t arrived at devastation yet. We are only in the final stages of coming…where the winds start to pick up. But even here, after many of us have been preparing for some time, the Williams-Couric-Lauer-Blitzer Spin Team is too busy chasing Kardashians to focus on the monster of their own neglect!

Churchill saw the devastation at the very beginning of brew because of his upbringing and innate understanding of human nature…he was nurtured to greatness! What greater example of poetic justice in all of human history when all is said and done than to behold the compassionate generation! Only those who never spanked their children could invite this devastation to our door from the President who doesn’t listen. Where is the compassion now?

More importantly, where is the outrage for the man who knew that 50-75% of those he promised “could keep their doctors and their healthcare” would not be able to? Where is the outrage for the same man who came to Washington to “fight for the Middle-class”  promising that the average family would see their health insurance premiums decrease by $2,500 per year? Read and weep my friends:Obamacare_premiums

And then there’s the $664 Million Dollar question posed by the little old lady who called the Rush Limbaugh Show yesterday. “How is it possible for a plan that relies on the youth to fund in order for it to succeed, to succeed when they don’t have jobs?”  😦

Unfortunately it seems to be the karma of the world to sleep-walk its way to devastation…time after time. There never seems to be a shortage of enough people willing to buy 2 + 2 = 6 from those willing to sell it! If he has lied about this, what other surprises lie in store for us? Here’s a factual nugget from the natural law-world the rest of us live in. Suppression and suspension of things which cannot be eliminated will naturally result in their build-up. Think of the plumbing in your own home. To the extent that we suppress and suspend anything emotionally charged, the resulting energy grows demonic. By degree; the more we kick the can…the bigger the monster we face! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could learn the moral of the story before getting burned…just this once? 😉

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6 Responses to The Moral of the Story

  1. “…reality is disregarded most often when the risk involved seems remote”

    Knowledge of nature’s social law changes people’s lives: improves health, enlarges opportunities, and explains what it takes to get right results.The social law states that only action that is logical, appropriate and moral gets right results. When wrong results develop, the workability, practicality or honesty of the action is flawed. Nature’s social law wasidentified by the late Richard W. Wetherill in the 1920’s. Wetherill called it the “Law of Absolute Right”:

    Right Action gets Right Results
    . He taught his students the following steps to learning:
    Receive information,
    Look at the reality that it represents,
    Study the implications of that reality,
    Take the action that reality calls for.

    Those steps are taken instinctively many times in daily life so, whether trivial or vital, any subject is asuitable example. Someone remarks, “It’s two o’clock.” A listener consults the clock to check the reality, then recognizes the implication that he is late for an appointment and hurriedly departs.
    Sometimes those steps bring unattractive information. For example, when people are told about mistakes, they frequently avoid receiving such information, ignore the reality itrepresents, and thereby miss its implications and corrective action. Because people ignore those steps of learning, they do not easily correct their behavioral mistakes.Wetherill observed that reality is disregarded most often when the risk involved seems remote.For example, people tend to disregard the reality of a risky lifestyle. They want to do what theywant to do when they want to do it. Then they wonder why they experience burn out, accidents and physical ill

  2. Chip Murray says:

    My “Common Sense” alarm was going off. Thank you David! 🙂

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