Open Letter to the Students of Brown University ~ Follow-up

Brown's "Social Justice" Fire Brigade

Brown’s “Social Justice” Fire Brigade

I posted this open letter to the students at Brown University last week addressing their treatment of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. I am sad to report that not a single student had the courage to step out from the herd to respond “substantively”. The only response I received was from a student who chose instead to evade the point of the letter, correcting my use of the word metal where I should have used mettle…demonstrating the brittleness of his own in so doing.

I had hoped for a glimmer of light from somewhere behind the promise of so many youthful eyes. I remember what it was like to look out on the world then, although I think I took better care to do so through my own eyes…

The shameful treatment of Commissioner Kelly and empty response to my letter leaves me with the following image of the Students at Brown:

I see energetic Dalmatians with their tongues hanging and tails wagging as they sit proudly atop the shiny red fire engine on its way, frantically to and fro, at the behest of their handlers and masters, chasing the illusive fires of Social Justice that they never seem quite able to find much less bring under control…while the real inferno is consuming what remains of western civilization.

I have no malice whatsoever in sharing this honest view. In fact, I feel responsible for my own part in having allowed the creeping opiate of political-correctness which has turned you into little more than a like-minded mob of intelligent robots who’ve been trained to “shout-down” those not in lock-step…in the exact same haunting mold as another class of “Brown Shirts” who did their master’s bidding 80 years ago…in Nazi Germany! There must be exceptions of course, but how would we know, without those who would step up to claim one inch of original turf? I myself pray daily for at least one exception. He stands about 5’10” and plays a mean trombone!

As C.D. Bales tirelessly and lovingly, albeit exasperatingly, reminded his fire-fighting crew in Roxanne, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” I would, in the very same vein of loving encouragement, implore you to dust of those Ivy League sniffers of yours, stop chasing fires that don’t exist, and start using your God-given intellect to flush out the true arsonists responsible for the ones that do!


Those who love you! 🙂

Hint– They’re hiding in a seven letter lounge that begins with F and ends with Y; where the truly objective nose would detect a most noxious smoke…a curious blend of Democrat/Socialist/Bolshevik with a hint of Patchouli.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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