The Tax Man Cometh!

The Ominous Line

The Ominous Line

“Bail-ins” and “increasingly authoritarian governing in Washington and Europe.”

If the chart above were a navigational chart it would portend the only course possible for any ship of state in such treacherous waters. If it were a palm reading it would reveal the most ominous line imaginable for America…

The greatest ship to ever sail the seven seas is about to run aground! That is the exact translation of the chart above. It is unavoidable at this point! The question that haunts most of the passengers and a portion of the crew is was it by accident or design? Was she simply blown off course as the consequence of nature’s storms…or have we been intentionally scuttled by a rogue pirate who conned his way into the captain’s berth?

I think the answer is quite clear in view of recent events that simply have no other plausible explanation. The fact is that GDP is the very water beneath our hull and the only hope we have of rising above these rocks of doom to set ourselves back on the course we were so deviously separated from.

The great irony of this diabolically clandestine voyage is that it has not only put us off course in terms of space, it threatens to set us back in terms of time…into the very clutches of those from whom we escaped centuries ago. Well, it was a heavenly voyage while it lasted, was it not? We had all the creature comforts and distractions we passengers could possibly imagine, did we not? And now its red sky at morning isn’t it my dearest huckleberry friends? Yes, I warned young Master Zeus the other day that he’ll soon be finding the term “bail-in” in his economic text books…but he was too busy fetching the captain’s slippers to pay me any mind.

There’s another term that eventually comes to the mind of the passengers and crew who allow themselves a modicum of critical thinking when common sense and instinct dictate. Whether they have the heart for it is another matter. The question is two-fold really. Can the passengers count on themselves? And will they be able to count on important members of the crew? Whatever our course may be, Mutiny is Freedom’s only hope…there simply is no other.  
Note– Thanks to Zero Hedge for our navigational chart!


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