The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ November 24th, 2013

I’ve been thinking ‘bout all the times you held me

I never heard you shout, the flow of energy was so fine.

Now I think I’ll lay it on the line and keep on tryin…’

…to get home to you. ~ Timothy B. Schmit

                                                        Keep on Tryin’

I had a sensory recall the other day…I remembered home. I remembered the touch, the smell and the feel of it…as if I were reaching into spring from this side of winter. In fact I wasn’t reaching into spring…I was there! The home I’m speaking of isn’t the physical structure still located at 375 Oakwood Drive in Wyckoff, New Jersey…which is no longer home. No, I am speaking of the permanent home that resides within us and is more spiritual state than physical presence. It is the State of Grace that we, as a society, couldn’t be further removed from if we were standing on the surface of Pluto…physically and generally speaking of course.

There are lots of in the beginnings with us. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…When in the course of human events… “I” was born. In each there existed a consecration that held us close to the home

Con: With
Secr: Holy
Ate: Territory of a Ruler*

…from which we have long since strayed. It doesn’t require a great deal of thought to realize how and why. If you listen to the social and political pundits when they talk about “polls”, there is one in particular that always catches my attention. The vast majority (70% I think) of the nation believes we are moving in the wrong direction. Yes, you could think of that in economic, political or social terms. I would argue that when the direction is away from home, then these things become immaterial. They become immaterial at the very time you realize what really matters.

When I wrote we, as a society, couldn’t be further removed, I could have chosen the words departed or distant…but the word removed presented itself as the more accurate in describing what has/is happening to us because we are…being removed from our home. They are, in fact, loading us onto different kinds of cattle cars than the ones they used 76 years ago…to take us from our homes none the less. There is orchestrated intention coalesced around how we work, entertain, worship and educate ourselves for the express purpose of making us more malleable to the “collective norm”. Nothing could place us further from home! But this can only happen IF we allow it.

There are lots of ways to resist. We can choose to take a dramatic stand. We can engage in a Barnhardt-like tax striking in-your-face hell no! On the other hand we could choose a kinder gentler Ghandi-like hunger strike instead. Or we could employ the slightly more subtle and stealthy Randle P. McMurphy tactic of pretending to take our meds!

The KEY is this. Whichever we choose is an individual election of our own individual free will, determined by our individual self and not some drooling slack-jawed power mad oligarch psychopath…BECAUSE we are extremely well-endowed if you catch my drift! 😉

What matters most is that we remove ourselves from the train that would otherwise take us straight to hell! Period!! At work I wear my flag pin upside down. I seek to entertain or be entertained in ways that lead me closer to home…so there will be no Rap/Hip Hop Noise in the place I call home. I worship the word of God and not the fools gold-glittering “niceties” of robed imposters leading us away. And it is long past time to hold the mirror of accountability up to those who seek to educate our children in order to restore the rotten common core of education to the shiny red apple it was meant to be!

Whatever we decide individually, the bottom line is that in our heart of hearts we know that there is something terribly wrong with the path we are on. Schmit’s lyric “all the times you held me” is perfect here because home is the only True State of Grace where we are in fact “held” by God. And we know because the closer to home we get, the more we remember. And if we’re not there yet, we simply have to Keep on Tryin’!  🙂
* Thanks to our friend Ann Barnhardt!

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