What Have They Done to Our Kids?

Where Young Minds Learn to Stray!

Where Young Minds Learn to Stray!

“Forget about respecting your elders. You are Gods, Geniuses & Walking Superpowers!”~ Former Obama “Green Czar” Van Jones in a speech to college kids

When I grew up, I addressed everyone outside of my family who was as old or older than my parents as either “sir” or “ma’am”. Today, as we look forward to another Thanksgiving with young students returning home across America, I am wondering who do they really think they are…and just as importantly, who do they really think we are?

I had the opportunity to interact with a couple of them in the wake of the…shall we say less than hospitable reception they gave NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly at Brown University last month. I had someone post my open letter to the students of Brown University, and Zeus himself was gracious enough to stoop down from his throne on Mt. Olympus long enough to correct my “metal” and eventually indulge my archaic notions.

After an exhausting exchange of the most illusive nature I can only describe as “pretzel logic” with someone so high up, I wondered if he could even hear me at all…we ended up on the subject of Obamacare:

Chip- I would only add (Zeus) that regarding your point for the need to look more objectively at Obamacare and how do I know any new source is trustworthy. “Perspective” is key…our eyes, nose, ears…and experience. Experience gives a man a pretty good BS Meter (Zeus). We saw him say 39 times, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period!” Now millions of Americans; white, yellow, black, blue & red, liberal & conservative, republican & democrat, young and old are being canceled Ian…this is being reported by ALL news sources!! It was never about “affordable health” (Zeus)…it was always about government controlling our lives. Period.

Zeus- I also will not tolerate your offensive ethnic slurs: “Now millions of Americans; white, yellow, black, blue & red, liberal & conservative, republican & democrat, young and old are being canceled Ian…this is being reported by ALL news sources!!” I hope you mean ‘red’ as communist, because if you are referring to Native Americans (as the race-related context suggests), you are being offensive. [I assume that you do not mean blue and red politically, because your subsequent dichotomy would be redundant.] Similarly, I hope you mean yellow as in cowardly or sensational, because if (again, as the race-related context suggests) you are referring to Asian-Americans, then your slur is offensive and racially insensitive. There is no need to use racist language.

At this point I am realizing that the indoctrination has been so complete, there is no possible way to have a rational conversation with a mind that has been so thoroughly programmed for the “new” patriotism! 

From the heroic fields of the “new patriotism” We have no need for inconvenient Truths…or math for that matter! Here we learn how to lie convincingly! From here we learn that the preservation of victimhood is far more important than the preservation of the Constitution itself. From our Ivy perch atop Mt. Olympus, there is no need to compete in the arena of ideas…fortunately for us. We simply vanquish the offenders…

We have no need to stop & think how the sin of Stop & Frisk compares to the Storm & Violate police-state tactics in New Orleans and Boston because we are “Gods, Geniuses & Walking Superpowers”…building ourselves a brighter serfdom! Please pass the turkey…Zeus!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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11 Responses to What Have They Done to Our Kids?

  1. Lisa Douglas says:

    Umm is ‘zeus’ a student of Alinsky’s rules #5 and #8?? If so, he get’s an ‘A’ for effort. But much like Alinsky – he lives in never never land where truth is nothing but aggravation for them and THE cause for their running from the REAL issues and pushing to move off point in the hopes of adding confusion and fear into the mix, b/c, let’s face it – reality is irrelevant to them. Their belief system tells them a direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works, and he played his hand in his response. Ahh, but life isn’t so simple. He and those just ,like him will figure that one out in their 30s or when they realizes they can’t afford ocare.

  2. white, yellow, black, blue & red….these are literally all names of prime colors, none of which actually reflect people’s earthy skin tones. See how easy this game is?

    The mindset of those that prefer their own subjective opinions over actual facts is a stubborn trait. It has been cemented in place with irrational thoughts based on emotional reactions to life’s realities. Zeus jumps to the racism charge, it’s a bias action on his/her part but it’s not a rational one. “Millions of Americans” was the subject Chip wrote of and it’s rational to see this subject (most Americans) is being screwed with force and fraud by our corrupt government.

    The academia scene demands conformity of their own views, bolstered by their safety in numbers, a defensive coping mechanism… born out of fear, that is now institutionalized so the pathos is to be always sheltered from the logos as a priority in this post 60’s, so-called “higher” education system. Molding minds to their vision is their goal, while finding truth is ours.

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  4. It was hard to finish reading what Zeus had to say. What blatant ignorance and ignorance, more than anything, I suppose, affords Zeus, his narcissistic arrogance. I happen to be part Cherokee and have studied and participated in certain Native American rituals and ceremonies. Red, Yellow, Black & White are considered by Native Americans, to represent the 4 races of mankind. These colors are assigned to the Four Directions, as well…….. OMG, OMG, OMG, Chip! All this time, I had no idea, but according to Mr. Zeus, I am a self racist!

    Yes, sadly, Mr. Zeus is a product of the new, Progressive, Liberal system…. if the truth, ever seeps in and wakes him up, GEE….. is he gonna be embarrassed!

    • Chip Murray says:

      Your comment reminds me of the response from Native Americans in the wake of the radical’s attempts to turn the Washington Redskin franchise upside down…these people are pure evil with an agenda that has become obvious for anyone with eyes to see! Thank you my friend!!!

  5. W.B. says:

    This example of closed-mindedness from ‘Zeus’ is but another reason why the 26th Amendment has been such a disaster for America. It isn’t just that this age group has become yet another monolithic Democrat voting bloc (just like minorities, women, LGBT’s, Hispanic immigrants, etc.) that voted in Obama not once but twice, but also all this massive indoctrination as championed by the Van Jones’ of the world. It is no doubt because of this pervasive brainwashing in our schools, universities / colleges, the media, Hollywood, et al., that the 18-29 age group agrees with the Left’s campaign to destroy the nuclear family (and smash the moral underpinnings of the society) via “gay” marriage; the legalization of marijuana (and the further entrenchment of the “High Times” drug culture); abortion on demand (and the accompanying dilution and degradation of human life); Obamacare (never mind many in that age group balking from signing up due to the high premiums); the “global warming / climate change” hoax and radical environmental extremist agenda; the overall slouching towards hedonism and moral anarchy; Big Government liberalism and the accompanying statist agenda; open borders and amnesty for illegals (and that’s not counting the emigration of Muslims from such countries as Somalia and Syria into many states, with the accompanying efforts to force Sharia law and various Muslim customs, values and way of life down America’s throat); and everything else wrong with the society that began crystallizing in the late 1960’s.

    But one could see how the “youth” vote would go from the point the 26th Amendment first took effect in 1971, a few years into the Left’s “long march through the institutions.” From the start, “get out the vote” drives for 18-29 year olds have amounted to nothing more than a facilitator of this lurch of our political structure and overall direction to the Left. That age group was top heavy in their enthusiasm for George McGovern in the 1972 Presidential race, but in numbers it wasn’t enough to offset Nixon’s landslide victory. The 1976 election of Jimmy Carter, however, was a troubling portent of how their decisions at the ballot box would inflict long-lasting damage to this country. The 18-29 age group that helped usher in Carter (in no small part due to the cheerleading of Rolling Stone magazine, plus sketches on Saturday Night Live where Chevy Chase portrayed Gerald Ford as a klutz and a buffoon) are thus culpable for the long period of “malaise” which followed – the high unemployment, massive stagflation, military weakness and, more insidiously, the rise of radical Islam via the ushering-in of the Ayatollah Khomeini into Iran in 1979, followed by the 444-day hostage crisis in Tehran (in general, leaving such a mess it took Ronald Reagan to clean it up – and even there, unfortunately, his efforts did not hold and withered away over time). Then there was the 1992 election and 1996 re-election of Bill Clinton, which showed the effect of the dumbing-down of educational standards on the youth of that time, plus their making their decisions based on the shallowest of criteria, i.e. whether he wore boxers or briefs, or inhaled whilst smoking marijuana in college. All the corruption, the selling of our nuclear technology to Communist China for campaign contributions, the further decimation of our military preparedness, and the litany of scandals are as much the fault of the so-called “Generation X” by their pulling the lever for Clinton as of Clinton himself and his minions (Gore, Hillary, et al).

    Other factors that have mitigated against 18-year-olds’ continued participation in the voting process (and calling for raising the minimum voting age to 21 or older) include:
    – Studies which prove beyond a doubt that the human brain – especially the part which deals with judgments of right and wrong, and whether or not to take unnecessary risks – don’t become fully formed until after age 26 (it may not be all that much coincidence that 26 was the cutoff age cited by Nancy Pelosi during the “debates” over Obamacare until which young people could keep their parents’ insurance). It is within that age group that the most reckless and dangerous behavior has been exhibited (in terms of sexual indulgence, driving recklessly, etc.), and was one major reason why, in the 1980’s, the legal drinking age was raised from 18 to 21 (after drunk-driving related accidents and fatalities involving 18-to-20 year olds went through the roof). The vote of this age group has been every bit as reckless as many of the other activities they indulge in with no regard whatsoever for the future or for the consequences of their “only for the moment” actions, driven entirely by emotion with not an iota of thinking involved.
    – The rise of the celebrity / pop culture, with the “opinions” of Hollywood airheads (i.e. Sean Penn, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, Alec Baldwin, Ashley Judd, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Barbra Streisand) taken extremely seriously by the 18-29 age group; plus younger people caring far more about the doings of Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus than about our porous borders or the moral decay, cultural rot and civilization disintegration of this country – let alone know who their Representative or Senator is, or anything about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or Bill of Rights.
    – The infantilization of this age group, with prolonged adolescence and arrested development glorified and celebrated by the media; plus more and more in that age bloc still living with (and off) their parents into their 20’s and beyond; and that’s not counting the crippling student debt and inability to find any long-lasting work.
    – The participation of this age group in the most destructive political movements of the world over the last century, from their being “foot soldiers” and “shock troops” for Communism in Russia, China, Cuba etc., and Nazism in Germany; the 1968 riots in Paris and at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago; the “Occupy” movement; and their despicable conduct not only at Brown University viz then-NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, but also at Brandeis University (which caused the faculty to withdraw a planned honor for Ayaan Hirsi Ali and an invitation for her to speak about her plight growing up in Somalia) and Rutgers (where former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice cancelled a planned commencement speech during recent graduation ceremonies due to these self-appointed student thugs).

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