What Goes Around Comes Around for the “Merchants of Misery”

The Blade of Karma

The Blade of Karma

“All hail the Merchants of Misery; this world will know your names. There is no mansion big enough to accommodate your shame!” ~ Chip Murray, The Ballad of John Hall

It seems no matter where we look from this fantail of a once great ship before she finally slips beneath the surface we can see the signs of her demise…from the knockout game to the decadent sex and tabloid sleaze oozing into our homes 24/7…while the blatantly-corrupt and increasingly lawless lawmakers we elected are too busy crafting clever lies and enriching themselves to bother. As I look out upon the churning waters in our wake, grateful for the remaining gulps of free air I draw thoughtfully into my lungs, a trance-like spell overtakes me in the greatest déjà vu moment of my life…

We’ve been here before, I think to myself as a distant sound emerges…corrupt governments in concert with the intellectual elite and crony capitalists crawl like the shadows of a slow passing day leaving daylight’s glow long behind, as a new and deeper darkness settles in…to swallow the people whole. Why do they always ask God to leave the room? That sound…what is that…singing?

The prisons are all stuffed with people here too…common folk making common mistakes while true evil roams free and unchecked. Nature’s laws are snuffed and buried by the rule of man in a pay to play orgy of lustful greed and avarice. Government debases the currency and seizes control of the grain as neighbor turns on neighbor to gain favor in the desperate bid for survival. The singing is growing louder…

I am in France on July 17, 1794 as 16 Carmelite Nuns; Teresa of St. Augustine, Sister St. Aloysius, Sister Anne Mary of Jesus Crucified, Sister Charlotte of the Resurrection, Sister Euphrasia of the Immaculate Conception, Sister Henrietta of Jesus, Sister Teresa of the Heart of Mary, Sister Teresa of St. Ignatius, Sister Julia Louise of Jesus, Sister Mary Henrietta, Sister Constance, Sister Mary of the Holy Spirit, Sister St. Martha, Sister St. Francis Xavier, Sister Catherine Soiron and Sister Teresa Soiron are all singing the Veni Creator as they ascend the steps to meet the blade of the guillotine one by one…for the crime of refusing to renounce their true lord and savior.

“Love will always be victorious. When someone loves, he can do everything.”~ The last words of Mother Teresa of St. Augustine

Her words bring me back to the present moment as I find myself standing upon the bowsprit, awakened by a splash of sea-spray…looking out from the present moments of the same old song, I find my self transported to the light of a place we’ve yet to find. This time there is no singing…only the pathetic weeping whimpers that come after the darkness in men runs out of places to hide.

I see them there standing in the rain on the guillotine’s edge…from their thrones of power they are lost and lonely refugees…there is no singing in them…only the sound of hollow regret. This world will know your names: Sanford Weill, Jon Corzine, Jamie Dimon, Angelo Mozilo, Timothy Geithner, Henry Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein, Ben Bernanke…and Paul Krugman. May God have mercy on their miserable souls…The Ballad of John Hall

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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