The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ December 8th, 2013

Subjective Reality ~ Care to dance?

Subjective Reality ~ Care to dance?

Shouting HERESY in a Crowded “Marxist” Theater

This week was a very interesting week for me personally. In two separate situations I found myself being challenged by two separate people I know and respect. One challenged me on the basis of what I believe, and the other challenged me on the basis of how I express my beliefs. The former, who happens to be a Catholic like myself, accused the very woman who led me to the renewal of my relationship to Jesus Christ through the Eucharist…of being a Heretic! The latter caught me by surprise at a table with friends by essentially accusing me of self-righteous bullying in my approach to controversial topics.

With respect to the latter, and in the spirit of a teaching from an old mentor who taught me the wisdom of always taking some degree of ownership when the barbs of criticism find you…I must offer the most sincerest apology to any person who has ever felt themselves bullied by me as I must have erred in my manner of delivery. Having said that, I think it would behoove us all to examine both challenges a little closer…after a quick stage-setting story.

After graduating the Leadership Orange Program in 1996, I volunteered to be a part of the committee organizing the Environment Session for the following class. I felt that the person they had been using to articulate the message of Environmentalism was a wishy-washy Casper Milk Toast who brought little value to the debate. I happened to know a man who, in addition to being a professor of environmental psychology, was also the President of an Environmental watchdog group and who insisted on socially responsible investing in his own retirement portfolio, putting globally green before his own personal gain. I had to butt heads with the LO Director who didn’t like this person, but in the end he became the new Environmentalist and the Class experience was far better for it.

Back to the challenges at hand ~ When we live our lives with intention, things have a way of developing towards, in and around our intention. Let me attempt to diffuse the “bully” charge first because I think it is the easiest challenge to get beyond. First I find it extremely fascinating how wildly popular the word “bully” has become in our present culture and how easily it can be attached to you or I. Second, I find it miraculous how those most guilty of it, meaning those with the real power, are exempt from the term. Islam~ Conversion from Islam is punishable by death. Obama Administration~ Forcing Obamacare against the will of the people!

Now with respect to my being a bully, I don’t think my friend or anyone else fears being bullied by me in this way at all. I think my friend was put off by the “absolute” quality in my expression. This is where, as my same old mentor used to say, we find our grist for the mill. First to my friend’s point, to the extent this “absoluteness” turns off the person I’m trying to reach, it can be self-defeating from my vantage point…and I do believe he was trying to help me here. But second, in the same way that the term bully can be misused and misapplied, so too can the energy of “absolute” be something to shun rather than something to seek. Here is a point of convergence that is the very heart of what ails us most! Truth, or objective reality is “Absolute”! Period! And it just so happens that it is the GREATEST threat to the true bullies named above. When we examine Islam through the lens of objective reality we know the attempt to market it as a “religion of peace” is an absolute lie…just as viewing Obamacare through the same lens reveals the selling of it as an “Affordable Care Act” was an absolute lie as well! So to my good friend who has lovingly pointed out the flaws in my expression which I have properly owned, I would ask him what is it about Truth that has him feeling threatened in a way that reminds me of my youthful reluctance to approach the prettiest girl on the dance floor when I was a kid…

…which leads to the bump on a path that ties in quite remarkably with the experience above. It seems that “Fundamental Transformation” is afoot in every corner of our lives today. What Obama brings to the political world, Pope Francis seems to be carrying to the religious order as well, raising many a brow along the way. In his latest Apostolic Exhortation, Pope Francis delivers a message that is absolute Marxist agitprop as well as unabashed appeasement and capitulation to Islam. How do we know this? Because we read and listen to his words through our trusted friend, the lens of objective reality! Does anyone besides me find it fascinating that both of these shepherds of Fundamental Transformation benefit from their own cloaks of infallibility? One is media-driven, and the other is heaven-sent. One is pure illusion, and the other is misinterpreted doctrine…unless someone would care to prove otherwise, we absolutely know that Apostolic Exhortation does NOT carry papal infallibility! How do we know this? You guessed it…we can examine it through the lens of objective reality!

So why is the world running away from the frightening power of Absolute Truth on the dance floor to get to the subjective chaos of the Collective Mosh Pit? Isn’t this how we have come to find ourselves $17 Trillion in debt…spending $1 Billion on just the web site for “affordable” healthcare…for 50 million Americans on food stamps? If you really seek the true heretic, look no further! Or does being a “good Catholic” require me to whistle past the graveyard of objective reality to join you in acceptance of that which is most fallible?

And to those who from their own elevated ground would seek to exhort us publically for our faithful attraction to the absolute, why have you not yet asked her to dance? Where will your form over substance be when the music stops playing? What if she was the one who held the very key you needed to let yourself out? What is there to fear? The worst she could do is say no. On the other hand, she could lead you to Heaven!  🙂

PS~ Just know that if she says yes, you may have to defend her! (wink, wink)

There is nothing Casper Milk Toast about Ann Barnhardt. She is to the “C” in Catholic what my environmentalist friend is to the “E” in environment! It is very difficult to find your way out of a crowded “Marxist” theater as we are ALL beginning to realize! But how will the convoluted claim of “heresy” lead us to safety over the direct line to absolute Truth?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ December 8th, 2013

  1. I believe we live in a “bully” society. Without the Government telling us what to eat and drink, what doctor to see or what type of car to drive, most of the sheeple zombies would be lost….. and as a Catholic, I am amazed at how the church rules have changed since I was young….I always thought the rules of the church came from God and not the man that cleans the tabernacle. Bullied into believing things that were not taught 50 years ago….. bullied into learning a revised history of our Country and bullied into economic slavery. Don’t beat yourself up over this “bullying” thing Chip, for in 10 to 20 years, the word won’t mean the same.
    Joe Cherry

  2. erick says:

    I cannot comment on the “bully” charge since I was not there. But as a believer in God, His word and that there IS good and evil, right and wrong I can attest to fact that those who base their stands on human logic or changing humanistic trends will usually feel “bullied” when confronted with the truth or facts they feel helpless to refute. On the other topic, as one who was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, studied it’s history and compared it’s teachings to the Word of God I can tell you that putting one human being (Pope, President or dictator) in a such a position of power is dangerous to the free will and liberty of man which all men are created with.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Thanks Erick…Think about this. The Globalists will next bestow upon him the Nobel Peace Prize so it will be difficult to tell the two Fundamentally Transformative Men of the Year apart! 😦

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