“I’ve had all I can stands…”

Eat your spinach!

Eat your spinach!

“…and I can’t stands no more!” ~ Popeye

“N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers”

One of the all time best baby-boomer cartoons was Popeye the Sailor Man. Popeye the hero, Bluto the villain, and Olive Oil the object of Popeye’s affection and Bluto’s aggression. The key to the show’s great success and hallmark of every episode was the amazing comeback…thanks to a can of spinach!

In every single episode, the dark and menacing Bluto, 3 times the size of our hero, has taken what may have been TV’s first damsel in distress, Olive Oil, while having trounced Popeye into a pathetic pulp, and just when all seems utterly and completely hopeless…out of nowhere pops the miracle can of spinach, fortifying TV’s first underdog who miraculously turns the tables to defeat Bluto, saving the day and his precious Olive Oil!

When you distill all the crazy domestic and international headlines of the day, isn’t it all just one great big Popeye episode? Aren’t we Traditional American Popeye’s all but lost in our pathetic pulp stage, beaten down by the ruthless and lawless Bluto’s of Big Government as they savage and ravage the very Olive Oil essence of our beloved  Constitution?

Connecting just 3 remarkable dots that have or will have changed the course of modern history, leads to a very important question:

  • The Christie Scandal that could end the career of a very popular Republican!
  • The “General” Scandals & purge of our top military brass!
  • The Justice Roberts “Obamacare” Decision!

Question: What role did NSA Surveillance play in these events?

Like him or not…who in their right mind trusts this President? We are supposed to believe that the same Chicago“If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.” political mobster who holds this level of power won’t abuse it to further his agenda? Who can trust a liar?

Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, Black & White…this sickening abuse of power threatens every single one of us! And the can of spinach (God) will miraculously appear when we have finally had all we can stands! ~ And besides, our mothers said so…remember?


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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