Mark Wahlberg & the Tinseltown Tapper Slapper!



It’s an odd mix of pain and curiosity for me whenever I tune into the world of celebrity, as I did the other night watching the Golden Globes with my wife. Is it really anything more than an ego-inflated, Botoxified booze-fest…Jacquelyn Bissett? I’m waiting for the Cohen Brothers to turn the cameras inward and do what they do so well…giving America the stunning caricature of absurdity in their own self-portrait. One giant hot air balloon so very high above the rest of us…

There is one star who seems to have kept his feet on the ground, his faith in God, and an abiding reverence for what it means to be an American. When Mark Wahlberg put Tom Cruise in his place for absurdly comparing his work as an actor to the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, he showed us his true colors! I believe this behind-the-scenes drama unfolded while he was filming the true story of our Navy Seals, Lone Survivor

Please take a few moments to observe the actual face of what David Ickes refers to as “the manipulation of the way we imagine ourselves” in MSM’s Jake Tapper, as he is confronted by the face of Honor. Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell was the “Lone Survivor”.

This 2 minute exchange is one of the most powerfully revealing clips I think I’ve ever watched! Tapper, caught up in the web of his own lies and cover-ups, actually withers into his own pathetic puddle under the blinding light of Truth! Priceless!! Another amazing thing I picked up on here was when Marcus said “WE never gave up until WE were actually dead.” Think of the brotherhood and commitment in this community of men, compared to the den of thieves who govern us. Did anyone have Christie’s back on that bridge? And finally, if you are curious as to where the American MAN has gone, watch the “energy” of the clip one last time and you will see Marcus Luttrell being interviewed by a woman!

It’s not that I don’t love art and entertainment. But when the art and entertainment community turns a blind eye to Truth, and actually shills for the enemies of Truth instead, WE are not fooled. Think of the scene in Titanic when the heroic musicians, accepting their fate, picked up their instruments to calm their fellow passengers. Now that’s entertainment! No, Hollywood is the flashy “Cal” stealing the place of women and children in the last life boat! That, my friends, is the light of Truth!

I will leave you with this final thought. I plan to see “Lone Survivor” this weekend–Boy’s night out!– 🙂 I encourage you to do the same if you haven’t already done so…



Know this dear friend ~ There lies an ocean of Marcus Luttrell’s beneath the few gutless grains of shifting political sands above. And even if the reverse were true, knowing the Marcus Luttrell’s…it wouldn’t matter! 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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5 Responses to Mark Wahlberg & the Tinseltown Tapper Slapper!

  1. Admin says:

    The interview is very telling – Americans in general have no clue, no understanding of true patriotism – ie willing to die to preserve America and her rights. Men and women in uniform understand it all too well. Daily, they put THEIR lives on the line believing that its ‘for something’. I suppose its much easier to live the lie the left, the entertainers, and the rinos sell – ‘it’s for nothing’ or ‘what does it matter’ but in the end, without it mattering and without it being for something – we will lose America as we know it – and yes – I do believe that is the overall goal of many among us.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Remember the Ickes quote…”Manipulation of how we imagine ourselves” includes imagining the the few as more than they truly are. Could there be anything more demoralizing?

  2. armine says:

    Chip: I saw the movie on Saturday… it was intense, and I highly recommend it.

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