Who’s Your Master?

One BAD Apple...

One BAD Apple…

We need to determine the moral, social, and political order we believe to be desirable, then set out our educational purposes, and in light of those purposes choose curriculum content and objectives.” ~ Professor Jeremy Kilpatrick in 1987

When most of us hear the term “invisible collar”, we think of man’s best friend. Each of us probably has our own furry wagging tail vision of the friend we love and wish to protect. This is a wonderfully healthy and symbiotic master-pet paradigm replicated across the country and around the world! Did you ever wonder why that is? Might I suggest it’s because love is the foundational element and both parties know their place in the relationship. Now, imagine the Timber Wolf and hold that image on the side…

The “invisible collar” link in Kert’s post below would fit the above paradigm perfectly…if you replace love with control and know with manipulation. It is a fabulous though lengthy read on the “invisible collar” developed by the global elites known as Common Core, which happens to be exactly what Professor Kilpatrick called for! But the shocking reality that parents across this country are waking up to is the disturbing fact that they are excluded from the “We” in Kilpatrick’s New World Order! A world in which their own children are no longer their own children!

The Truth of the matter is that Master We has been very, very busy in this first decade of the new century in the New World Order! If one is willing to hold the apple of American Society up to the light of harsh scrutiny, one begins to see a much deeper, insidious and pervasive rot well beyond its Common Core. Lo and behold, we find the same Master We behind the curtain of Obamacare and the entire Smart Growth, Green Energy & Sustainability Scam oozing from UN Agenda 21 as well! How ‘bout dem apples?

So finally it begins to dawn on the you and I’s of the world that “fixing” our education, healthcare and environment was really all about engineering “the moral, social and political order for the benefit of Master We! Where’s the love? The bottom line in all of this is that We gets bigger and stronger while you and I grow smaller and weaker…all for the common good of course! We’s plan would work beautifully IF Americans were domesticated lap dogs…or Europeans (no disrespect intended).

In spite of “the glassy-eyed apathy and intellectual and moral sloth of the broad citizenry” Ann Barhardt so accurately describes, I know another American who is nothing of the kind. And even if this American were merely 3% of the populace as a whole, I remain confidently optimistic because of two critical facts:

1) George Washington did it with less than 3%!

2) You can’t put an “invisible collar” on a Timber Wolf! 🙂

Posted by my Traditional American  friend Kert:

The information contained in the first link posted here is a lengthy read but invaluable in the battle going on in America’s public education systems. I urge you to take the time to read it, study it (if you are like me you will need to Google some words and phrases), understand it and pass it on to others. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/

The second link is to Amazon where you can buy the book written by the blog author, Robin S. Eubanks; “Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon”. http://www.amazon.com/Credentialed-Dest … roduct_top

“The more We centralize power, the more power there is to centralize faster!” ~ David Icke

You and I need to pull the plug on Master We…yesterday!!! We need to put the parent back in control of education, the doctor back in control of our healthcare, and sanity back into our entire environment. We need Common Sense NOT Common Core!

You can help us rid ourselves of this rotten apple this coming Monday….Who’s your master anyway?

> I have information to pass along regarding a meeting that is scheduled to take place at the Suffern Public Library (210 Lafayette Avenue, Suffern, NY) on February 10th (7pm – 9-pm) regarding Common Core, PARCC, etc.

As many of you know, Common Core implementation in New York is about 2 years ahead of New Jersey.  NY is experiencing huge problems with Common Core and the PARCC assessments.  Both parents and teachers are livid about the “dumbing down” of students via the Common Core Standards and their frustration is only a small window into what we in New Jersey will be experiencing in the very near future if we don’t stop the implementation of Common Core.

> Scheduled to speak are a school board president, a teacher, a concerned parent and my dear friend, Carolee Adams, President of Eagle Forum of NJ.
> Carolee will give a national perspective on the situation our schools, children, teachers and communities face because of their involvement in CC.
> I plan to attend and would ask you circulate this message to everyone you think might be interested.
> Thanks,
> Kim

>   PS – Another reason for concern in NJ is Gov. Christie’s remarks and possible plans to lengthen the school day/year.  My thought on that subject is…garbage in/garbage out.  Lengthening the school year will only expose our children to more CC experimental programs, more testing, nonsensical teaching methods and higher taxes.


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  1. Chip Murray says:

    And then there’s this nugget http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEeeyhsiroE
    So, in other words, Master We is planting a crop of great BS Artists! 🙂

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