Our “Catastrophe”!

Our "Catastrophe"!

Our “Catastrophe”!

feck·less ~

1- ineffective: unable or unwilling to do anything useful

2- unlikely to be successful: lacking the thought or organization necessary to succeed

synonyms: incompetent, good-for-nothing, useless, hopeless, spineless, feeble, weak, ineffective, worthless, ineffectual, unreliable, irresponsible, aimless

I had the occasion to engage a young man yesterday who I happen to respect and admire. He sees the world through a Liberal lens so we square off, joust like sparring partners until we’ve worked up a good sweat, and then we hug and go on our merry way. I like to think I’m helping him develop his debating skills…he’s probably wondering what planet I’m from.

But I realized yesterday that he will never understand “my planet” until Bastiat’s “catastrophe” hits home…and then I prayed to God for his lesson to be more effective than painful. When I challenged him on the tragic consequences of a president who is not held to account because of his race, when rodeo clowns are banned for life and the industry subjected to “sensitivity training”, he defended the political correctness of it as a necessary tool to prevent “hatefulness”! Please hold that thought…as much as it hurts.

Our “catastrophe”, pictured above, recently spoke to a gathering of concerned Europeans at a summit in the Hague. He was there to reassure them that America had their back in the face of Putin’s rising aggression and military buildup in Ukraine. Responding to a reporter who reminded him of his Romney debate-dismissal of Putin as a non-threat, Obama stunned the crowd by saying he was more concerned about a nuclear bomb in Manhattan! How reassuring for the Europeans…and New Yorkers! 😦

Netanyahu must be smiling on some level because the rest of the world now knows what the American media has kept from most Americans for so long…Obama is a complete fake. He is nothing more than a manufactured image, completely made up, managed, handled, bundled and coddled by the most dubious cadre of radicals imaginable…since he was a teenager. They (William Ayers) even wrote his books for him! He is the spoiled and feckless brat who has been handed the family business his father slaved to create. He struts the factory floor like God himself, looking down on the workers who fear him…enjoying the largesse he had no hand in while his father was alive. But now the father is dead, and he realizes (as do the workers, customers & the competition) he is nothing! That is the man in the picture above…that is our “catastrophe”! And this is where “catastrophe” has led us;

So I would ask the young man who will not hear me until its too late, how is it more “hateful” to call “catastrophe” what it is, than to sit in silence while it destroys the things you love the most?


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4 Responses to Our “Catastrophe”!

  1. ea says:

    Remember when some people claimed ” you can’t legislate morality?” (Which is a stupid statement since that is what all laws do.) Now the same people,( and their offspring) seem to think it’s fine to try to control thoughts and words. Welcome to the brave new world.

  2. Mike S. says:

    As a leader of people in a dangerous profession, sometimes decisions you must make are hard. A leader must do this to be a effective and instill confidence with his people. Indecision spreads like a wildfire thru our ranks and it also weakens our allies belief in us. Our President has apparently does not know how to be a leader. Bin Laden was a relatively an easy decision, regardless on how they spin the pictures from the WH. However, all members of our government must also be held responsible. Do they truly believe that the Russian leader gives a damn about empty words and actions from our government. They appear weak and indecisive at best. Hillary Clinton said last week, he, Putin, better not do this again. Now I am not sure about you, but I am scared. History will repeat itself if we the people allow it to. Call, write, hell scream at your local and federal temporary holders of office and let them hear our united voice. Maybe that may help. There is strength in unity! Election days are coming. VOTE them OUT. See ya…

    • Chip Murray says:

      Great points Mike! That’s why we have to find our way back to the original blueprint of our founding documents, checks & balances, rule of law, and moral leaders in place of the current pack of scoundrels! They have seized 7 of the 8 levels of control. We have not surrendered #4 yet…which I write about tomorrow. Thanks for your valued input my friend!

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