The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ March 30th, 2014

"I feel the earth move under my feet"

“I feel the earth move under my feet”

~ “The meaning of Life is to find your gift…

The purpose of Life is to give it away.” ~ Picasso

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend. We’ve all had the experience of mistaking our dreams for real…but what if real was the other way around? How real is blue hair and Vidal Sassoon when God stomps his feet and there’s no more room? Or the town of Moore that was here last May, until God drew a breath and blew it away?

What is Real?

How real can any of it be when every single one of us own a box that has been renamed “Reality TV” that pushes drugs 24/7? We are literally hooked up to some Godless multinational corporate box that regulates our “reality”…too soft, take this one but don’t forget to call your doctor if you’re at full mast for more than 4 hours! And for all the blue space cowgirls who become too blue, the makers of Zohydro have just the thing for you!

What is the difference between the makers of Zohydro, the Kardashians and the Mad Money stock jock? How mad will Cramer’s money feel when the petrodollar is no longer real? We are supposed to believe this is all real…and inflation is NOT…after returning home from the supermarket and the gas pump? So what did we do with real…has anyone seen real lately? Perhaps real is hiding in the church… or not?

How did Picasso’s saint become Kardashian’s whore? I believe real has run off and taken common sense with him, that’s what I think. Someone should offer a reward! Maybe we could put real’s face on milk cartons and up in post offices…before they go out of business. But then again, we’d have to be able to recognize real…and we no longer do! 😦

On the other hand, what if real has been with us all the while and simply waiting patiently to be recognized again? Imagine that…


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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