URGENT! Why Obama’s “Bay of Pigs” is Far More Unforgivable!



Cuba is 90 miles from the southeastern tip of the United Sates. Ukraine is 5,680 miles from the US. Castro was turning Cuba into a suburb of Moscow. Eisenhower developed a plan which Kennedy followed up on…abandoning the rebel freedom fighters and leaving them to die when it failed; a decision that haunted him for the rest of his short-lived life. It seems pretty clear through the 20/20 lens of history that the intention of removing a cancerous mole so much closer to Miami than Moscow was in the best interest of the #1 stakeholder at the time…the American Citizen!

Fast-forward in time almost exactly 53 years to the day! Here’s what we haven’t got…there is nothing close to 20/20 here! Here’s what we do know. We do know that the Obama Administration “negotiated” a reset with Russia. We also know that during this reset, Obama was caught on a hot mike assuring Russian President Medvedev that he “would have more flexibility after his re-election.” We know that Russia won the removal of the missile defense systems protecting Europe in the negotiations, while the US and Europe won exactly nothing. We know that NATO is a housecat without claws. And finally, we know that Obama’s Foreign Policy wonks organized the failed coup, abandoned the Ukrainian Freedom Fighters…offering them only sleeping bags and helmets with which to defend themselves.

But the most devastating thing we know by far which should set the sober mind of every moral man ablaze, on high alert and especially on this Good Friday, comes in two parts:

1) A leader must possess a “soul” in order to be “haunted”.

2) And most tragic of all…JFK’s #1 Stakeholder has become Obama’s Serf!

Princeton Study Reveals ~ The Neo-fedualistic Oligarchy of America! Read & Weep! Thanks to Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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