The Dance

Round & Round We Go....

Round & Round We Go….

Persecution ~ the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another individual or group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution and political persecution, though there is naturally some overlap between these terms. The inflicting of suffering, harassment, isolation, imprisonment, fear, or pain are all factors that may establish persecution. ~ Wikipedia

“Regrettably liberals too often remain strangely silent about the excess of leftist governments. I think that is because leftist governments clothe themselves in such lofty language that their good intentions are taken as an article of faith, no matter how brutal or barbaric their actions may be.” ~ Ed Koch

I’m told that the former New York City Mayor also said that Jews should be the first to recognize and stand against persecution because of their own history of being persecuted so many times in so many places, the painful memory of it is woven into their DNA.

But does the strange liberal silence Koch observed trump the responsibility of the Liberal Jew in matters of persecution? Can it even be genetically possible for any liberal Jew to knowingly support any government, leftist or otherwise, that not only turns the blind eye to persecution, but legislates it domestically while it aids, abets and arms it globally? Look and see for yourself!

I sent this powerful eyewitness testimony about the persecution of Christians in our own military to one of my closest liberal Jewish friends. It had absolutely no affect on her…she couldn’t “understand” why I asked her to watch it!

We are in a time and place I never saw coming. It is a place so dark and horrible I am literally afraid to find the words to describe it. But here goes…I can actually see my friend turning on me. I saw the title “On being tortured and executed by the one you love most” up on Ann’s wall the other day and I swear it brought my friend instantly to mind. It made me realize that our lives are mini Passion play copies of the original. We go around and around and around in a perpetual neurotic whirl of love/hate acting as if we’ve never been here before…knowing that we have!

I don’t guess it’s always darkest before the dawn…I know it is!


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10 Responses to The Dance

  1. 357foto says:

    By the way… I am surprised at the way you “liberally” take any and all things that happen in our very own home, and spill it onto your blog. Is everything fodder for you? You speak of the injustices in the world. Then speak of all of them. Not just the rancher in Texas, but the single mother that works two jobs and can barely put food on the table, so food stamps are her only source or assistance. Or the woman that is beaten and raped by her husband and has no place to go. Or the children that are unable to get a decent education because the teachers are so confined to what and how they can teach. Be thankful that you had an education and parents to help you. Not everyone is that lucky. Dare I say, billions are not.

    If you want to help, then get out there and actually help. Don’t write a blog!

    And by the way, there are miracles in this world and beauty and things that unfortunately you are unable to focus on because you are so busy blaming the government for all that is wrong in this world. If you look around, you will see yourself in a nice house, driving a nice car and driving on nice roads with police protecting you and firemen/women helping you. May at some point to should take a breather from screaming about what is wrong, and look around and see what is right.

    • Chip Murray says:

      As I was saying…

      • 357foto says:

        Dare I ask if YOU have read the Khoran? I don’t talk about it because I am not well versed enough in it to have a clear understanding of it. Those that have no real understanding of it, really should educate themselves before commenting.

        Here’s a thought…Maybe you should concentrate more on your immediate personal life instead of the lives of people that you don’t know, will probably never know and have no real understanding of their lives. Fix your own house before you can begin to understand how to fix someone else’s.

  2. Chip Murray says:

    I don’t know if you ever bother to read the links that corroborate the points I make and the questions I raise. Did you read the story of Ayaan Hirsi Ali? It is the persecution I am experiencing in my personal life that gives me perspective. But facts become opinion when they are filtered through the lens of “political correctness”. For someone so aware of “light”, I am struck by the irony of PC drapes at every window. I would fix that if I could, but it is not my place to take them down…

    • 357foto says:

      Reading a few articles does not make you knowledgable on any topic. We can all read a few pinpointed topics that lean the way we already see the subject to be.
      If I look hard enough (and I don’t need to search too hard) I can find hundreds of articles that claim that the Holocaust was nothing more than propaganda. That it never happened. I am certain that I can find articles that support the idea that black people are not fully human and should not be treated as such. So…you see just because you point out a few articles, does not make it fact. It only supports your already fixed idea. (that is not to say that you believe either of those comments).

      If you read the New testament, it supports the idea of Heaven and Hell. If you are Jewish, Hell does not exist (although sometimes in this world I feel it draws close).

      In any case… so whatever argument you put out, understand it is your opinion, that does not make it fact.

      • Chip Murray says:

        So let me get your “opinion” on this. What is the difference between a government that gins up hate for people with yellow stars on their sleeves and one that gins up hate for people with C’s on their sleeve?

  3. 357foto says:

    well…first, it is not the entire gov. doing this. There are many in the gov that are on your side of the aisle. And I need to point out that you are one of the people that so aggressively points out the crazy “liberals” that are the bad guys. The gov. is not systematically slaughtering people, so do NOT make the grievous error of comparing the way Jews were looked at by the Nazis and the way conservatives are viewed by this gov. It is insulting!

    You are not helpless lambs being literally carted off to the slaughter house! DO NOT go there!

    • Chip Murray says:

      Germans did not wake up one day hating Jews. It was the steady diet fed to them over time by the well-oiled and highly coordinated conglomerate of media and entertainment. The White House Press Secretary (Jay Carney) just admitted that this President’s toughest interview was Jon Stewart…a comedian for God’s sake! I can give you the names of half a dozen politicians on “your side of the aisle” who have called us “terrorists” and worse. Give me “one” example of any Conservative politician who has used such despicably hateful and false rhetoric towards any fellow American!

  4. 357foto says:

    Do you actually think that conservatives are so outnumbered that they will be literally slaughtered? Seriously? (If you think that, then I fear you have much more personal things to worry about). This is what I am talking about… the use of such aggressive rhetoric can only find its way to hateful ears. Please please don’ t pretend or convince yourself that you are a helpless lamb off to slaughter. There have been so many times that conservative speakers have denigrated liberals on so many levels. You are guilty of that yourself. Have you used the word terrorist? I don’t know, but I do know that there are so many vial words and comparisons that have been used that it literally turns my stomach.

    And if the WH PS said that, it may be because many of Obama’s supporters regularly watch Stewart and…it is more than likely said in jest. Can you take a joke? Come to think of it, I cant remember the last time I saw you actually laugh. sad.

    • Chip Murray says:

      I’m not sure what being outnumbered has to do with the point of this article. It is about systemic political and religious persecution that is happening in this country…or did Admiral Lee come across as a liar to you? It was Liberal Ed Koch who addressed “Liberal silence”. You are. I predicted you would turn on me. You have.

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