Free Speech and the Man Who Would Legislate Insanity!

Rep. Hakeem Sekou Jeffries (D-NY)

Rep. Hakeem Sekou Jeffries (D-NY)

One of the most common assertions I hear from people who don’t care for the Tea Party (putting it politely) is that nobody is trying to take our freedom away. “Give me just one example of how you have lost or are losing your freedom,” they’re likely to say.

I would ask, isn’t the idea of freedom a lot like air; especially to most of us Americans who have taken it for granted for so long? And isn’t the loss of freedom a little like a drowning man, or someone dying of pneumonia? It’s not the loss of air that killed them…it’s the water that filled their lungs leaving no room for the air, right? Except with freedom, it’s not the water displacing our air; it’s the laws, regulations and taxes filling our lives until there is literally no room left for freedom.

And what I will never understand about those who condemn us in the Liberty Movement for standing up against those displacing our freedom, is that we aren’t fighting for Conservative freedom, White freedom, Christian freedom, Heterosexual freedom or Republican freedom…we are fighting for Freedom, period!

Tuesday was a very interesting day. First I learned of the laws that some of our legislators are attempting to pass criminalizing “free speech”. Next I learn that a former Supreme Court justice is seeking to rewrite our Bill of Rights.

“The new amendment would override the First Amendment and allow Congress and the states to impose ‘reasonable limits on the amount of money that candidates for public office, or their supporters, may spend in election campaigns.’”

“Reasonable limits”? When have the government and its courts ever been reasonable? Who in the government would ever want the government to define what’s reasonable for the government? Our founders understood this. That’s why the First Amendment begins with “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. . .”

And best for last; Governor Rick Perry challenged Governor Andrew Cuomo to a “business climate” debate! This is especially interesting to me knowing that our Progressive “SAFE Act” Governor has yet to meet a Constitutional “abridgement” he doesn’t like. His record is not only indefensible, it is an egregious insult to the both constitutions, State and Federal, he swore an oath to uphold and protect.

What has happened to our “critical thinking” ability? If Governor Cuomo, in selling his SAFE Act, tells me “(I) don’t need 10 bullets to kill a deer”; shouldn’t I ask why my government needs 25 million shotgun rounds…for domestic use? When Harry Reid calls me a “domestic terrorist” for defending Cliven Bundy against government bullying, shouldn’t I ask Senator Reid, “Who could be more of a domestic terrorist than the senate majority leader with $17 Trillion in domestic debt to his credit?” And finally, to the congressman who seeks to criminalize free speech; if the church has no place in government business, then the government should have no place in church business. So why don’t you fix our borders and bridges Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY)…and let the church tend to love and hate as it always has?

Common Sense begs a question Mr. Jeffries. Do you understand and appreciate that my free speech and your free speech were actually paid for with the blood of those who’ve sacrificed their lives for us to have and keep it? These were my ancestors Mr. Jeffries, going back over 240 years ago. My 4th Great Grandfather actually spilled his blood at Lake George in the war that established the very freedoms you enjoy. How many of your ancestors fought and died for you to take that which we cherish most…after 240 years?

Common Sense tells me you are seeking to legislate yourself well beyond the boundaries of decency and honor sir. You are attempting to draft insanity itself sir, because we both know the heart of your intention is to defile the very soul of America so as not to offend her enemy! “Nuts” Hakeem! You’ve just secured your place in the New York State Hall of Shame alongside our Governor! What’s next?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to Free Speech and the Man Who Would Legislate Insanity!

  1. Mike S. says:

    I believe Mr Jefferies was thrown out of some position, but I cannot remember which. The bill you speak of is a dictatorial attempt by this person. His co-workers must straighten him pout about freedom. As for our Gov. his record is terrible. When he was in DC he did so much damage. But you don’t hear about it. Why? Our political appointees better get their act together or they will be looking for work soon. If you lose a freedom, I wonder how hard it will be to get it back. You should wonder too. Use your vote to remove those who do injustice to our country and us.

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