Why Our World is Broken

All in the Family!

All in the Family!

“Probably the toughest interview he (Obama) had was with Jon Stewart.” ~ White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

I read Carney’s quote last week and sort of mentally bookmarked it. For the White House Press Secretary to publicly admit that the entire US Press Corp was upstaged by one comedian doing their job for them is beyond remarkable…it is appalling and terrifying!

And just as I wondered how much worse it could be; along comes David Gregory and Meet the Press to seal the deal! This past Sunday, Gregory introduced first time guest Radhika Jones who was recently promoted to Deputy Managing Editor of Time! She was part of a panel discussion that covered everything from Ukraine and Obamacare to Gay Marriage and Hillary Clinton. Now before you read her comments below which I extracted from the transcripts, imagine the political discourse our parents relied on to form their own opinions from Meet the Press 64 years ago. I could only find transcripts going back to the Tim Russert days from August 2003 which I’ve linked here.

What I saw and heard from one of our nation’s top media executives nearly made me ill. Watching and listening to her brought this Vladimir Lenin quote to mind, “The Press should be not only a collective propagandist and collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.” Listening to her, I felt as if I were listening to a member of Obama’s family. Now listen to the Obama she describes and then read the observations of Ed Luce and ask yourself who is reporting on the real Obama!

Right. The president’s very aware of his own base and how much the American people care day to day what’s happening in Ukraine. And the other thing is that Putin, as we’ve seen, is working on his own timeline and the West hasn’t been all that successful in deterring him from doing so. We know Ukrainian elections are coming up on May 25th, and it’s in Putin’s interest to simply destabilize the region a bit before then, not necessarily to go in full force. So there is a little bit of window there.

He’s so happy not to have to talk about the website anymore.

I think that’s a big part of it. Yeah, the president suddenly is very happy to talk about the A.C.A. It doesn’t seem likely that Democrats will be as happy in terms of their local elections. Even if the law is working, and let’s remember this is a law that passed four years ago; the constitutionality of it was confirmed almost two years ago; it’s been around. And it is not going anywhere. But it remains unpopular, even among people in states where the signups have been plentiful. It remains unpopular sort of as a general policy.

I think Hillary Clinton has juggled so many jobs in her life that adding grandmother to her bio would not deter her from running. And I think, in a way, this might be one of the easier choices she has to make. But it remains true that she doesn’t really have to make it in the foreseeable future. I mean, her whole strategy has been to wait, and she has, you know, the fame on her side, the name recognition on her side. She has the fundraising on her side. And in her interest to let it play out a little longer.

I think it’s so generational. I mean, you know, that question of if Obama didn’t make that declaration, was he going to lose the millennials? I remember when he made his statement to Robin Roberts, you know, one of the most authentic parts of it was saying, “I’ve spoken to my children and Sasha and Malia don’t understand why the gay parents of their friends would be treated differently.” That, it seems to me, is a very powerful force. And as that young generation grows up and takes that kind of equality for granted, it seems to me like it will, you know, become widespread.

So how in the world do the corroborated facts presented by Mr. Luce square with the version of the exact same man presented to us by Ms. Jones? Interestingly, as I dug back to the Russert Meet the Press transcripts and realized he died just before the 2008 financial collapse, a thought popped into my head which I reflexively evicted…was he murdered? Could these people afford to have the beloved Tim Russert asking the tough questions in the aftermath of the greatest financial collapse in history and the eve of America’s Fundamental Transformation?

Now mind you, David Gregory and his guests made sure to tell us all we need to know about how Obama is handling Putin, Ukraine, Syria, Obamacare and Gay Marriage. What they failed to tell us, is how the President of the United States attempted to bully and intimidate Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and LOST! Well maybe David Gregory’s audience doesn’t know what happened at Bunkerville, but you can bet your bottom ruble that Vladimir Putin knows ALL about it!

So then I find myself wondering who is even listening to these people anymore, and just like that an embarrassing report surfaces that NBC has hired a therapist for Gregory. That is exactly what happens to a network that replaces an honest journalist with purveyors of “collective propaganda”! But isn’t it the network that needs the therapy? And wasn’t it also NBC that doctored the George Zimmerman 911 tape to make it sound racist? Stay with me and work with me here. So we have the same employer (NBC) whose beloved star is healthy one minute and dead the next, doctor evidence in order to fuel a race riot and turn self-defense into an argument for gun control in Florida, ignore a Federal assault on an American family…and now they want us to believe nobody is watching them because of David Gregory’s psychological problems? Oh, it gets better…

Apparently there’s a whole bunch of Americans along with the Cliven Bundy family who’ve learned who to tune in and who to turn off! And we’re talking bluest of blue states my friends! Would anyone care to go double or nothing on whether Mr. Putin is following this story as well? Can you fathom the “sea change” here” While Ms. Jones thinks she is “collectively organizing the masses” into believing our President was inspired by children poisoned by Marxist indoctrinators posing as educators, the masses are figuring out exactly who they are and what they’re up to! 🙂

Oh, yes…I almost forgot. While we’re on the subject of unjust laws and mass civil disobedience, here’s an important little newsworthy event our MTP host failed to bring to light. Now, I’m not an attorney mind you…but wasn’t attorney-client-privilege a pretty good thing to have…once upon a time?

Author’s Note:

Someone I care about deeply asked me the other day why I don’t write about the good things in the world. That is a fair question and I’ll give it my best shot. It is because of my love for the good things in the world, I choose to write about the bad people who are destroying them. There are people who spend most of their waking hours chasing and hitting a little white ball across miles and miles of perfectly manicured grass until it drops in a hole. Some of them are paid a lot of money to do this!

I believe in the power of words. My friend doesn’t believe I can change the world with them, and maybe she is right. But the right words from the right heart at the right time bring light. And the smallest light is a very powerful thing in the darkest places. I am not paid for them which make them even more powerful. Nobody owns them. They come from a place I’ve learned to trust more than myself. I’ve come to think of them as bloodhounds since I’ve committed to sending them after the bad guys I like to call the Merchants of Misery.

Think of it this way. The weed that chokes the life out of the flower thrives undisturbed in the dankness of shadowy cover. As my bloodhounds grow stronger and more proficient with each passing day, they get better and better at finding the weeds and bringing more and more light…until one day, the weed will wither and die. I do know this much. Our world is broken because too many good people have ignored the bad weed for far too long…

There’s a great little “get the weed out” gardener’s convention coming up in Washington (Home of the Bad Weed) on May 16th! Won’t you bring your green thumb and join us there? Operation American Spring! 


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