The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ May 11, 2014

The Smile of Heaven

The Smile of Heaven

“We stand tonight on Capitol Hill, in the city named after the one who gave that prophetic warning, to ask, can a nation drive out the name of God from its public square, and the Word of God from its schools and the ways of God from its culture and still expect the smiles of God to shine upon it? ~ “Harbinger” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend! As we draw closer to this coming November and 2016, I think it’s safe to anticipate a darker side of man will appear. I participated in a day of prayer and fasting on Friday in solidarity with the heart of man, his better angels and the true light of our salvation as a stand in defiance of the much darker invocations in Boston…

The Smile of Heaven

Smiles are wonderful things. A smile has the power to turn your day around. Smiles are the kind of contagious we like, generally speaking. But, as most photographers will tell you, not all smiles are equal. There are genuine smiles that radiate from the true emotion of the heart, and there are manufactured smiles conjured by the mind as the tool of intent.

The genuine smile and the Smile of Heaven are one in the same. They are of the same source. The baby’s smile is Heaven literally smiling at us. Genuine smiles give while the others take. Telling the difference in the two can be difficult…until you sharpen the sense of feel. It’s hard to fool the feel! 😉

I’m old enough to remember the Smile of Heaven when our American Society was like your typical wedding party. There was the occasional crazy cousin, the embarrassing in-law and the friend that had too much to drink…but the smiles were real! Well, I’m telling you as a man whose sense of feel is paper-cutting sharp; the American Citizen has become the bride and groom at his own shotgun wedding! Say cheese!

As “Harbinger” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn recently warned members of Congress, “The propitious smile of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself hath ordained.” These were not his words. These are the prophetic words from our first President’s first public address on April 30th, 1789! The real smile is like needed rain…if it is pulled back from heaven how can it fall upon the earth, to soak into the soil and feed the roots of the living?

Modernism is literally wiping the smile from God’s face, leaving the dark shadow of the manufactured smile in its place. Is Harvard bowing to a new boss? Are we really telling our children that Snooki and Satan are welcome while Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson and the Benham Brothers are not? I think many of us who’ve refused the PC Lobotomy are painfully aware of our own cultural death spiral but feel powerless to stop it…when all any one of us has to do is turn, “look up” and allow…to harness the power that is our endowment! There are two facts worth noting here. While the Atheist can distinguish between the Smile of Heaven and the manufactured smile (though he doesn’t recognize the source), not all Atheists are Modernists. There are many non-believers who cherish liberty and the right of the individual to express his or her faith (or lack thereof) without fear of intimidation and harassment…or worse.

I’ve never really discussed faith with my friend Mike who happens to be our town supervisor. During his remarks at the memorial to our good friend John who passed away last October, he said “I’ve never been a very religious man.” But in the wake of last week’s Supreme Court ruling which welcomed prayer back into town hall in Greece, NY; Mike announced that he would challenge his board to do the same here in Warwick! I texted him Kudos with a note that read, John is smiling.

I’m old enough to remember the Smile of Heaven. Our fathers are old enough to remember the manufactured smiles that turned into nervous smiles before “the gathering storm”. You can always see it in the eyes


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5 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ May 11, 2014

  1. sigridmac says:

    I can understand why that parent would have been upset about adult content in the Jodi Picoult book and he never should have been dragged out of that meeting. Having said that, the article is not fair to the book. I have read at least eight of her books and there is nothing pornographic about this one. It is all about school shooters and bullying, a perfectly appropriate topic for high school kids, although it’s true that the language and the sex scene, which I can’t even remember, are probably not appropriate for kids that age, but God knows it’s nothing they haven’t heard already. My point is this is not a pornographic book – not even remotely. It is literature and it has redeeming value and great relevance to school children, especially teens.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Thanks for sharing that Sig! I am not familiar with the author, and while you may be right about the question of pornography as it relates to the father’s complaint; that is totally incidental to my point in connecting it to “nervous smiles”. I wonder if emerging fascism is as great a concern to you as an unfair book review my friend?

      • sigridmac says:

        Chip, I just saw comment of yours. Yes, I understood your point about nervous smiles. And the first thing I said was that it was wrong for the man to have been evicted from the meeting – but of course I would need to know more details. If he was obstreperous or threatening or causing a public raucous, maybe they had to remove him. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I don’t view us as becoming a fascist state, in the US, although I am very concerned about all the phone/email surveillance. In Canada, the current government has “fascist tendencies” in that it controls the media and is very tight-lipped. Yes, of course that concerns me. I wasn’t saying it was an unfair book review – my point was that perhaps the man didn’t really have anything to protest if that was appropriate material for schoolchildren. That is to be determined by various educational committees, not me. xo

  2. Chip Murray says:

    Here’s what I would say…We can avoid seeing things we are not looking to see. And we can see things too late by not having looked for them. Fascism is a slowly creeping vine…”NDAA”, “Free Speech Zones”, “SAFE Act”, “Hate Speech”, “IRS Targeting Dissenters”, “Prosecuting Whistleblowers” all scream healthy growing vine to me my dear!

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