Public Education Has Become the Post-American Crime Scene!

"You have the right to remain silent..."

“You have the right to remain silent…”

History will encircle our public education system with yellow tape as the irrefutable “primary suspect” in our own homicide investigation. Future generations will have to look no further to glean the perfect sense of our tragic demise. “It has to be said:  what kind of parent would send their child to a public school today in the first place?  I’m dead serious here.  Public school is handing your children over to Marxist, satanic psychopaths because you (the parents, and let’s face it, grandparents too.  If I was a grandparent, I’d offer to help with the home schooling myself OR chip in to pay for private tutors. Hey.  Two BRILLIANT ideas in one sentence:  something for the old folks to do besides watching the damn TeeVee AND the call for the resurgence in the private tutoring business!) are too damn greedy and/or lazy to homeschool.  ”We can’t AFFORD it.”  Yeah.  The immortal souls of your OWN CHILDREN are of little to no value.”  ~ Ann Barnhardt

If Dennis Prager had it right when he said “the greatest threat to America is the number of Americans who don’t understand what it means to be an American”, then we have to credit Public Education for 100% of our Amnesia! And as Barnhardt accurately points out, we can credit Marxist Infiltration as the source of our…forgetfulness.

So, it only took two generations to put Rockwell’s Town Hall “Freedom of Speech” into handcuffs! But it’s not the policeman’s fault any more than its the Soldiers of Islam-“Terrorists’” fault for our behaving like helpless cattle during TSA strip-search and pat-downs; rather, it is the exact same evisceration of “critical thinking” in our schools that has transformed our society into a herd of intellectual bovines driven to the river of “Climate-Change” as our costly diversion from the Islamic Terrorists whom Michelle Obama has Tweet-warned #BringBackOurGirls!…or else. Or else what; she may have to escalate her impotent rage to…Facebook? I wonder if the Boko Haram are adequately braced for the “Progressive” version of Shock & Awe?

Or, since Dr. John Kerry has diagnosed Terrorism as a “Poverty” disorder, perhaps we could include them in another wonderful offspring of Public Education…the Immigration Bill, give them free food, education, healthcare and sensitivity training! But is any of this Michelle Obama or John Kerry’s fault? Or is it the Public Education Indoctrination environment that has turned curious minds into programmed receptors that receive all data and stimuli only in terms of their “Social Justice” value! Because the inquiring mind of the “Critical Thinker” demands to know why Kerry’s predecessor (Hillary) refused to designate Boko Haram a “Terrorist Organization”, supplied them with the very same weapons they used to kidnap the Nigerian girls through Benghazi, left Chris Stevens to die after he spent days begging for help along with 3 other Americans including the two who tried to save him, and then covered it all up by blaming everything on the video nobody had seen! Climate ChangePoverty…or CONSTITUTIONAL MALNUTRITION IN THE CLASSROOM?

Do you realize that such malnutrition imposed upon students in New York schools exposes the educators responsible to a Section 801 violation?


§ 801. Courses of instruction in patriotism and citizenship and in certain historic documents.  1. In order to promote a spirit of patriotic  and civic service and obligation and to foster in the children of the state moral and intellectual qualities which are essential in preparing to meet the obligations of citizenship in peace or in war, the regents of The University  of the State of New York shall prescribe courses of  instruction in patriotism, citizenship, and human  rights  issues… 2. The regents shall prescribe courses of instruction in the  history, meaning, significance  and effect of the provisions of the constitution  of the  United  States,  the  amendments  thereto,  the  declaration  of  independence,  the  constitution  of  the  state  of  New  York  and the amendments thereto, to be maintained and followed in all of the  schools  of the state.  The boards of education and trustees of the several cities and school districts of the state shall require instruction to be given in such courses, by the teachers employed in the schools therein.  All pupils attending such schools, in the eighth and higher grades, shall attend upon such instruction.   Similar courses of instruction shall be prescribed and  maintained  in private  schools  in the state, and all pupils in such schools in grades or classes corresponding to the instruction in  the  eighth  and  higher grades  of  the  public  schools shall attend upon such courses.

Is it Harry Reid’s fault that the exact same “Town Hall” gentleman pictured in Rockwell’s famous painting above, has now been labeled a “Domestic Terrorist” for refusing to be corralled into the BLM’s absurd “Free Speech Zone” by a shameless and compliant main-stream media? Or that the exact same gentleman was hauled out of his Town Hall meeting for boldly questioning the real “Domestic Terrorists” for serving up “pornography” to his 14-year-old daughter in the classroom?

What other nasty surprises await Rockwell’s Town Hall Man? Will he be treated to the same Police Escort as the New Hampshire Town Hall Man if he dares to aim his barb of free speech at the “Common Core” of Public Education?

What I have come to realize in my life is that if you behave like sheep and cattle, you will be treated like sheep and cattle. Observe the lion of George Will’s “critical thinking” as it confronts the mindless gazelle drinking at the well of Juan William’s “Common Core” delusion!

And it’s not just Conservatives who are able to choose critical thinking over herd mentality and the virtue of common sense over Federal seduction in Common Core:

“The approach to Common Core implementation in New York state was similar to the Common Core’s actual development, which was an activity completed by academics and testing experts, most of whom had ties to testing/assessment corporations.

In fact, of the original 25 people on Common Core’s development work groups, 15 had ties to either, the College Board, ACT or Achieve. Not a single teacher was asked to participate. The feedback groups had 35 participants made up of mostly college professors, with only one classroom teacher. Parents were entirely missing from the development.” ~ Kenneth W. Eastwood, Superintendent of the Middletown School District

Please understand that there are wonderful teachers and administrators in our Public Education system. I have seen them speak at Common Core protests. They are passionate and tireless advocates for our children and parents. But they are healthy cells in a body that has been riddled and taken over by the most deadly cancer.

Critical Thinking reveals to us that The Southern Poverty Law Center and Social Justice are but two in the herd of the very Trojan Horses the cancer cells rode in on…all sired by Public Education! 😦

Despite appearances to the contrary, especially if you haven’t cancelled your cable subscription yet, I say the patient is dead already…if not hanging by a thread of the faintest pulse. In fact Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, quoting a recent study out of Northwestern, just asked Fed Chair Yellen “Are we still a capitalist democracy or have we gone over into an oligarchic form of society…?”

We could bring George Washington back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., make Sam Houston Senate Majority Leader and re-install Sam Rayburn as the Speaker of The House and none of it will matter; nothing will change if we haven’t identified and captured the serial killer that is Public Education!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to Public Education Has Become the Post-American Crime Scene!

  1. ea says:

    All true. And I would add that since we as a nation have largely abandoned God,as did ancient Israel, we as a nation will not escape His judgement. Read Jeremiah.

  2. Lou Stouch says:

    Oh, FYI. The SPLC has now labelled opposition to CC as Right Wing Extrmism.

    No shit.………Hatewatch………..about 5 or 6 stories down (now).

  3. Chip Murray says:

    Yeah Lou, I had that linked in the article but thanks for the FYI just the same . Pretty soon simply asking a question that’s off script will earn us the “Hater” award. Thank God for SPLC eh? hehehe

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