The Puppet Masters Have Pushed the “Chaos” Button!

Have you seen the little piggy's?

Have you seen the little piggy’s?

Your blog entry is very timely. When I woke up in Europe today and opened my newspaper I read there was a couple of guys brutally beat up with brass knuckles after leaving a Paris synagogue. A weekend attack left several people dead in a Brussels Jewish museum. A Muslim man was threatening to blow up a plane leaving Zurich for Eastern Europe this weekend as well. Some one trained in martial arts subdued him.  Thank God. Why so many things at once it seems coordinated. There was also elections this weekend where anti-immigration parties were elected. Connected or not? What’s going on? ~ D, in response to my “Brussels Monster” post last week.

Every successful coup d’état is engineered in four phases. Agitation, destabilization, chaos, and the emergence of the “New Boss” authority.


Agitation may refer to:

  • Agitation (action), putting into motion by shaking or stirring, often to achieve mixing
  • Emotional state of excitement or restlessness
  • Political agitation, political activities in which an agitator urges people to do something

In short; in order to bring everyone to the new you have to make enough of them want to leave the old. This was essentially accomplished in the education of two generations by cherry-picking early American History to distort the curriculum in favor of an anti-American agenda.

This recent debate at Towson University is an unbelievable example of agitation where reality has become “shaken and stirred” by the totally absurd!


Now that the attachment to the old has been jarred loose through agitation, we are entering the destabilization phase which is known by many names; Fundamental Transformation, Financial Collapse (2008), Arab Spring, Climate Change and Obamacare to name a few. And as we know from the Arab Spring revolt, there are few things on earth that possess a more destabilizing influence than rising food prices.

Destabilization can be subtle and gradual as we have been witnessing in what could almost be referred to as the EU version of the hilarious movie Groundhog Day. Or it can be volatile and abrupt as we have witnessed in Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Ukraine.

Once the “Old Boss” is eliminated, a void is created which brings us to the next phase…


I believe we have entered the Chaos stage of the greatest coup d’état the world has ever experienced. I say greatest because this is not merely the overthrow of a country or region we are talking about, with old giving way to new. In fact, the President, Vice-President and Secretary of Defense all hinted at it this past week. Hagel and Biden each spoke of the “New World Order” by name as Obama informed the West Point Class of 2014 that their “world is changing”. Indeed; and I am fully cognizant of what I’m about to say, our world has been/is being overthrown…with every stitch, rhyme and reason orchestrated centrally!

I believe that D’s observations in the opening quote above are coordinated with “Flash Mobs” in Ft. Lauderdale and the “unlikely” emergence of Crips in Salt Lake City.

I also believe they are connected to the busloads of illegal’s dumped in Phoenix this week, on top of 36,000 illegal alien “violent felons” released into our general population several weeks ago! It’s like building a fire. They’ve gathered the kindling and prepared the fire bed. They’ve made sure to pick only the most season twigs and sticks, and finally…they waited until the conditions were dry enough to incite combustion at the mere thought of a match, thoughtfully struck by the merry pranksters of mayhem…at the twilight’s last gleaming.

The “New Boss” Authority

Most people reading this have never experienced the level of chaos that is about to hit. They have been preparing for it for some time because they’ve engineered it. Most of us have not prepared at all. When the music stops we will experience a level of living hell that Bracken attempts to describe here. They are literally banking on the fact that after a few weeks of this, the American populace will submit to anything that offers stability. At that precise moment in time, our illustrious puppet in chief will pull the Directive No. 3025.18 Trigger for the “Defense Support of Civil Authorities”…and, in our delirium, we will think of them as the cavalry…or calamine for the most God awful itch imaginable.   We could not possibly be more mistaken! They will already know the sheep from the domestic insurgency as they execute their lock-down. What is not fully known is to what extent the military and law enforcement community will break rank to stand with the people. But we know they’ve war-gamed this and more than likely accounted for it in their modeling.

Who are they anyway? Meet the “New Boss”! NOT the same as the Old Boss with one exception. The Puppet Masters are all shareholders who have undergone their own paradigm shift. Their bottom line has shifted from all about profit to all about power and control. And they control everything from Brussels to Rome and Washington to Moscow!

I can’t encourage you strongly enough to invest 2 hours of your time this weekend to kick back and watch this C-span panel discussion on “Whistleblowers”. The full 2 hours are worth every second. But if time constrained, the first 7 minute introduction sets the stage for the revealing moments from 01:10:48 to 01:13:34. When you listen to this panel of courageous and seasoned veteran journalists describe the perilous state of our 4th and 5th Estates to an audience of young aspiring rookie journalists, you will know the faceless monster we are facing. But only God knows how this all ends…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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9 Responses to The Puppet Masters Have Pushed the “Chaos” Button!

  1. MDC says:

    Undocumented illegals are now being granted to serve in the military to fulfill citizenship. Do what your told, OR ELSE.

  2. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    I”ve been very uneasy for several months. If he uses the EPA to activate his version of cap and trade, the inflation will begin very noticeably and rapidly. The Obamacare issues are pretty substantial but killing coal will affect everyone. I think the time line is starting to gel and give it six months after the new EPA policies are enacted, unless of course something worse happens sooner from the financial sector.

    >________________________________ > From: shutupnsing >To: >Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2014 5:44 AM >Subject: [New post] The Puppet Masters Have Pushed the “Chaos” Button! > > > > >Chip Murray posted: “Your blog entry is very timely. When I woke up in Europe today and opened my newspaper I read there was a couple of guys brutally beat up with brass knuckles after leaving a Paris synagogue. A weekend attack left several people dead in a Brussels Jewish m” >

  3. Chip Murray says:

    I was listening to an interview earlier today where the person talked about Warren Buffets biggest bets recently being “hard asset” related…they’re hunkering down.

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