The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ June 22, 2014

The Final Stand

The Final Stand

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend. There are two things I’d like to share as a backdrop…or perhaps foundation is a better word, for this morning’s message. The first is my earliest and fondest memory of my Grandmother Ruth Murray whispering in my ear that I should always be grateful, as she rocked me in her rocking chair. The second is healing technique I learned from a mystic with a background in Kabala and Sufism. Quite simply; the Kabalist cleaves to opposite energy of the health threat silently within himself. So in other words, if he enters a room where people are acting angry and hateful to one another, he simply manifests the opposite emotional energy, in this case love, within himself. I can personally attest to the remarkable effectiveness of this technique. But I never imagined the day when both would be as needed as they are right now!

The Beleaguered Christian

I saw this “Beleaguered Christian” headline up on Drudge, and I thought it was a general report on Christians everywhere. Instead, it is the story of Christians seeking “final stand” refuge and sanctuary from the Islamic tidal wave of anger & hatred that is spilling over from Syria into Iraq.

To the secular world, a person about to lose their head to the blade of an ISIS savage is far more extreme than a person forced to violate their conscience by their own government. But to a person of deep and abiding faith, the two are equal spiritually and only differ physically. Both doors lead to martyrdom.

There have been 750 churches burned to the ground in Egypt and God knows how many Christians have been slaughtered and kidnapped from the Middle East to Nigeria since Obama first took office! But as many Christians are finding out, there are many ways to attack the soul. A politician’s pen can be just as deadly as the Jihadist’s knife!

We are seeing the proliferation of Anti-Christian laws here in the US that are, in effect, forcing Christians…into the closet and worse. Denmark just passed a law that forces churches to perform same-sex marriages or face the legal consequences. Fortunately there remains a glimmer of hope for European judicial sanity to prevail.

I believe we are being provoked deliberately by those with dark intention. Denying active military personal access to the Christian instruments of their faith and barring 95-year-old WWll veterans from their sacred memorials while forcing small business owners to violate their conscience are all actions of the very threat our Founders feared, and the exact form of Despotism our Constitution was designed to protect us from! The energy of our response must be equally deliberate, but must come from cool heads as well as determined hearts!

I received an email “field bulletin” from the Chairman of our company, co-singed by our “Chief Diversity Officer”. It announced our company’s decision to formally support the Gay Rights Parade coming up in New York City, extolling the importance of diversity as well as the market potential of the LGBT Community and seeking volunteers to work the parade. I responded politely to the email, “I pray that our sense of diversity includes the diversity of opinion and never comes at the expense of our freedom of Speech!”

My point is that this is the hour of Western Civilization’s “Final Stand” as Christians. We can practice the two techniques I opened with, and still stand firm and resolute by our principles. In fact, doing so will strengthen us against the gathering forces more powerfully than we could have ever imagined.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ June 22, 2014

  1. erick says:

    Thanks for taking a stand (in your company) and pointing out that “diversity” and “tolerance” are two way streets. There can be no law which forces me to accept or condone that which my conscience and the Holy Bible tells me is wrong.

  2. 357foto says:

    I am always taken aback when I see “civilized” people taking such a hard stand against those that seek to love others. I always thought the the “Christian” way was to love. To treat others as you would like to be treated. To respect and understand and accept those that may not hold the same beliefs that you do, and to love them just the same. I could be wrong.

    The number of people that have died since the Obama administration is in office cannot be linked just to him. If I am not mistaken, he was NOT the one that got us into Iraq in the first place! For the wrong reason!

    And as far as the number of innocent Americans that have been gunned down on our soil surely is not his doing.

    Instead of worrying how many and who is getting married, we should be outraged at the number of mass shootings and young lives taken by gun violence instead of worrying about how many people decide to get married and who is loving with who.

    NO NO NO… telling someone to do something they don’t want to do is NOT the same as getting slaughtered ! I cant believe you would even compare the two !


    • Chip Murray says:

      I think you know me better than that 357photo! In fact, I said we need love in our hearts to deal with those who are persecuting us because of our faith. Religious persecution is neither loving or civilized.

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