The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 13, 2014

"We Did!"

“We Did!”

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, and understanding than silver.”  ~ Proverbs 16:16

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend! These past weeks have brought us closer to the edge of what can only be referred to as complete social insanity. It’s as if we have a death wish. Accountability is nowhere to be found…Leadership is non-existent…and according to our “Progressive” NY Senator Chuck Schumer, we should have to choose between our faith in God, or running a business!

The Wisdom in Faith, and the Faith in Wisdom

One of the first things I learned about in developing my financial planning practice was the importance of a wealth accumulation technique known as asset allocation. A central component of “Modern Portfolio Theory”, it prescribes diversifying assets by asset class or category to reduce risk and conform to the investor’s desire for growth and tolerance for volatility at the same time. Thinking back on this, it is the wisdom of it that attracted me the most!

Not only did the Founders practice asset allocation in designing our society, they included the most important asset class of all…Faith, Natural Law…God. This is clear from how they lived their lives, their public addresses, their personal communications, and of course our Constitution and Bill of Rights; the greatest evidence of all! In fact, I would go so far as to say that our Founders were so deeply committed to the relationship of society and faith, they actually wed us to our creator in our founding! That, my friends is the heart…the very essence of our American Exceptionalism. And it drives the “Progressive” secularists out of their minds! Unfortunately for us all, I meant that last sentence literally…because they are the ones in power at the moment.

Dr. Ben Carson devoted a chapter to Wisdom and Knowledge in his new book One Nation. As he points out, Knowledge is familiarity with facts. Wisdom is the ability to discern what to do with what we know. When Barack Obama first ran for President, all the focus was on how smart he was. As a matter of fact there is no shortage of smart and knowledge in Washington at all…but the lack of precious wisdom is literally killing us! As Dr. Carson points out, “wisdom is the most important commodity for anyone who is planning to be successful in any endeavor.”  Unfortunately for you and me, on January 1, 2009 our President either forgot to pack it, or he never had it to begin with.

But it is so much worse than that. We have suffered fools in power many times. Institutionalizing foolishness is another matter, and it is exactly what we are doing at this very moment. I believe this is happening because those in power are attempting to forcibly remove God from the very asset allocation strategy that made us the greatest nation on earth! I guess in what would be the opposite of a “shotgun marriage”…we are being treated to a “shotgun divorce”. Contemplating the “Progressive” track record on both domestic and foreign policy since January 1, 2009…wouldn’t we all be more than justified in questioning the wisdom of such a divorce…especially given the present dire state of our world! Taking God out of our asset allocation strategy now, would be like removing bonds, cash, and guaranteed interest and reallocating to 100% stocks right before the worst market crash in history! 😦

Watching the President now is frightening. He is behaving like a child who is being told he can’t have something. The public exhibitions of pettiness and spite at the very time we are looking for statesmanship, leadership and courage is actually terrifying to me because it is irrational behavior. Children can be irrational and often are…but irrationality in an American President is the most dangerous thing I can think of.

I know there are good people of conscience and faith in our government who are witnessing the very same display of personal disorder in our nation’s chief executive right now. I know they are feeling the very same trepidation we are. Most Liberals and Democrats, just as most Conservatives and Republicans never bargained for this! Impeachment is a word being tossed around with much greater frequency these days. I’ve heard good arguments on both sides of that idea. We have suffered fools, but can the nation survive a madman as President? Might I suggest we ALL pray on it? It would be the wise thing to do…

What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.                     ~ Matthew 19:6


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