BIG Trouble in Camp Cuomo!

Above the Law?

Above the Law?

I first sensed trouble with Andrew Cuomo when he referred to my beloved home state of New York as the “Progressive” capitol of the world during a State of the State speech. I thought to myself, whether he’s right or wrong about that, why in the world would he intentionally alienate those of us who do not subscribe to “Progressive” ideology? But I knew we were in trouble when he publicly declared that Conservatives were not welcome in the “Progressive” state of New York…and then of course his shameless backroom Gay Marriage & Safe Act shenanigans, and the rest is history. Or the rest would have been history were it not for a Federal US Attorney by the name of Preet Bharara!

NY Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin provides us with this excellent recap of a pretty bad week for Cuomo which, by definition, is a very good week for us! This man is the arrogant epitome of all that is wrong in American politics today! I had enormous respect for his father, but this bad apple landed in an orchard so completely foreign and antithetical to American values…it can no longer be considered fruit!

I am convinced that Cuomo, like Obama, is little more than a willing stooge for the Globalists. It’s almost as if the American Presidency, which Prince Andrew lusts for, has become a “Progressive” Beauty Contest. The greatest offender of the Constitution will get to wear the crown! So who shot Prince Cuomo’s horse out from under him? There’s only one other Presidential contender with enough influence and political muscle to have pulled that off…Princess Hillary perhaps?

Watching Progressives like Clinton, Cuomo and Governor Brown of California (who seems to be competing with Cuomo to see who can lead their state over the cliff first!), I’m reminded of this great quote I saw at WND yesterday;

“Everybody needs to know that from the beginning, mankind’s attempts to rule the earth and its people have consistently contradicted a natural law of behavior!”

It made me realize the one crucial trait that all Progressives possess. Every last one of them thinks of themselves as being above the Law of Right Action! In other words, they see themselves as free from the cumbersome burden and restraints of morality they see as crippling Conservatives. The tragically sad reality is that there are too many Republicans who’ve taken the same jaundiced view as well. And yet what have we seen in the states run by Governors Scott Walker, Nikki Haley, Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal? Success! Employment! Low crime! Low taxes! Minimal regulations! MORE FREEDOM!!!!! 🙂

Cuomo’s impending downfall is about far more than one man’s ethical and moral flaws. It reveals a chink in the Progressive armor that will lead to their collective doom! There are some who may find success above the laws of men. But there is only inevitable failure for those who violate the laws of God. Especially those who bring shame to the Church by hiding behind their empty faith! Hell has a very special place…

Look out and see…everything they touch!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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