The Commoners Awaken!

When the PC  Drug Wears Off Freedom Shines!

When the PC Drug Wears Off Freedom Shines!

Yesterday I was copied on an email exchange between one of my associates who had emailed disturbing Obamacare revelations to clients, friends and associates…and a mindless fool. Here is the response from Jon that caught my eye triggering my entering the fray:

Shame on you Mike!!
As a respected insurance agent you should be particularly careful to check the authenticity of your emails.
Sending an email to your clients with your politics is wrong.
Check and search “Obamacare and Medicare at age 76” – this is completely False.                                                                                                             Jon

Actually Jon, I’d say it’s a far greater shame our country is spiraling into the toilet at the speed of light…mostly because of the timid cowering to PC! I say bravo to a great professional for sending an FYI out to his colleagues! Thanks Michael!!                         Chip

Jon’s position is painfully common. He has worn a rut defending the indefensible on semantics and by default. He is the PC Orderly barging in on the doctors administering CPR to the dying patient! “Sending an email to your clients with your politics is wrong.” Really? Jon reminds me of the evil sorcerer in Fellowship of the Ring who had the King under his evil spell. Political Correctness is exactly that…one giant evil spell!

But there are very encouraging signs that the spell is beginning to wear off! There are few places in the world where PC has done more harm to the people than in the UK. Of course it would be the Scots who would rise up and refuse to go gentle into that good night! Of course “Cameron is crying”…he is the dope pusher about to lose his best client! Tyranny is bad government policy in any language! How many bothered to tune in to our dope pusher last night as he reassured us with a lie? “ISIS is not Islam.” The enemy is not the enemy…

Over here it’s more of the same. Americans are beginning to get the color back in their cheeks again. The Bundy Ranch standoff last year was a real sign that Americans have just about reached their fill of “government policy”! They are beginning to realize that they are the only ones left to defend America!

Of course America has an even bigger dope pusher to contend with! I loved #4 from yesterday’s “You Know You Live In A Country Run By Idiots When…”;

If the government wants to ban stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines with more than ten rounds, but gives 20 F-16 fighter jets to the crazy leaders in Egypt, you live in a country run by idiots. 🙂

Yesterday  I passed 6 to 7 yellow/tan light armor military vehicles with gun turrets riding south on Palisades Pkwy around 10:30am on the way to my office in Fort Lee. And then I saw this up on Drudge later that same morning.

The Dope Pushers have no choice. Bad policy is the only drug they know! The more we begin to realize, the more desperate they become!  Imagine…A BILL THAT WOULD OUTLAW SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!! I heard yesterday that one of the few congressmen with a smidgeon of common sense left confronted Senator Al Franken (SNL Alum) on the Senate floor! Priceless!!

The tyrant’s greatest fear has always been the awakened heart of the commoner. It forces them out of the shadows they prefer into the inevitable showdown…where they know they have no drugs or evil spells with the power to silence the voice of FREEDOM!


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