Masters of the Universe and the Qatar Connection

The Masters of the Universe

The Masters of the Universe

American best-selling author Tom Wolfe depicted the new breed of Wall Street Elites as the Masters of the Universe in his 1987 book The Bonfire of the Vanities. It was a literary stroke of genius…[all but destroyed by Hollywood’s ridiculous interpretation.] He actually created Al Sharpton (Reverend Reginald Bacon) before Al Sharpton created Al Sharpton! That, my friends, is more than genius…its prophetic genius!

What made the story so deliciously riveting and compelling was the way in which Wolfe was able to weave the timeless fabric of human nature and all its worst flaws into one explosive tapestry by fusing the atoms of the whitest of the white “haves” with the blackest of the black “have nots”.

I have been following the breadcrumbs of truth very faithfully now for a number of years. I have never come across a more fascinating combination of unrelated stories…all together in the same day. Each one, disturbing in and of itself, is but a pale glow before the solar flare that emerges when you analyze them all together! Bonfire was a mere candle…

First we have Senator Jeff Sessions dusting off the old Wolfe moniker to describe the new financial elites who make Sherman McCoy seem like a toothless hobo as part of his exposé of those pulling the strings behind our nation’s amnesty debate!

On the very same day Zero Hedge decides to put up what appears to be a wanted poster with an elitist-yearbook-feel featuring the world’s top 25 “Puppet Masters”! And then I come across this article…in the New York Times of all places! So let’s follow the bouncing $ revealed…

Qatar, the Sugar Daddy of Terrorism, is the largest source of foreign funding to the Brookings Institute ($14.5 Million).

The US Military surrenders to political correctness, undergoes a severe purge of flag officers, implements new rules of engagement and revises counter-terrorism training to remove all references to Islam!

On June 3, 2012 five members of Congress call for an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood’s influence over operations in the Obama administration. Their efforts are thwarted on the eve of the presidential election, after the Clintons meet with John McCain…

…which goes from interesting to intriguing when we discover the former Secretary of State’s top aid Huma Abedin is in fact a princess of Muslim Brotherhood Royalty! Do you remember that photo of McCain posing with the same Syrian rebels

…who magically turned into ISIS…which subsequently became ISIL from the lips of Obama, but remained ISIS on the lips of Meet the Press host Chuck Todd? That’s weird…

…until we learn that the L is a “nod & wink” to the very same Islam Obama claims ISIL does not represent…which brings us back to Syria…which brings us to a pipeline…which brings us back to Qatar where it all started…with a major return on their investment…

…which actually brings us back to the wanted poster of the Masters of the Universe! They have thrived like monkeys on a banana plantation in this zero rate interest environment! Our world has become their casino and they are the house! How did you make out in the deal?

 “So what about the good, decent, and patriotic citizens of our country who fight our wars, who obey our laws, who follow our rules, and want a better future for their children? Should their needs not come first?”~ Senator Jeff Sessions asks…

He’s kidding…right?

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  1. lidstraffung says:

    I blog often and I really appreciate your content.
    This great article has truly peaked my interest.
    I’m going to take a note of your site and keep checking for new details about once a week.
    I opted in for your Feed as well.

  2. mike says:

    The L is interesting to hear. What is the actual meaning? As for the rest, I need to see a clear connection from someone who is not afraid to speak out and be a duty bound honorable American. That’s what I want to hear. Thanks…

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