America’s Most Deadly Virus ~ Affirmative Action!

"Where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

“Where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

I once asked a well-known civil rights attorney friend of mine to explain the rationale behind the famous social engineering tool known as Affirmative Action. He explained that it was the only way to “level a playing field” that had been so unfairly skewed in favor of some while discriminatorily disadvantaging others for so many years. Fair enough, I thought to myself. But if fairness was the true metric, wouldn’t fairness require the engineers to own the consequences of their Solution to a Social Problem?

Think of the people behind the major headline incidents that have captured public attention and impacted our nation over the past six years;

  • The election of Barack Obama as President.
  • The appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General.
  • The appointment of Kathleen Sebelius as Health & Human Services Secretary.
  • The appointment of Julia Pierson as Director of the Secret Service.
  • The hiring of the female Secret Service agent overpowered by Omar Gonzales.
  • The appointment of Dr. Tom Frieden as Director of the Center for Disease Control.

So after 50 years of Affirmative Action, isn’t it fair to ask just how Affirmative Action has benefited the society it was meant to serve? I would say that history has already answered that for us, but let’s review. Obama proved that leadership has little to do with the color of ones skin as Martin Luther King wisely observed. Leadership has everything to do with the content of ones character, which being sound attracts people like bees to honey and inspires them to follow! And as the fish rots…Eric Holder actually removed the blindfold from Lady Justice and turned our Justice Department into his own personal tool of retribution. Kathleen Sebelius was “in charge” of the most disastrous roll-out of a government program in American history…and its still a mess! Julia Pierson allowed chaos and demoralization to reign in an organization where order and discipline are vital! She is, or should have been accountable for there being a female agent who was about as qualified to protect the President as I am to be one! And Tom Frieden??? Let’s just say…you can hear the germs laughing. The American People…not so much! This my friends is the disastrous exponential domino effect of Affirmative Action…the ultimate deadly virus!

Once upon a time, when we followed the ideas of Newton and respected the laws of Nature and possessed the healthy fear of God, there was predictable order in the world. This has all changed. Those who have assumed power see themselves as being above these laws! Worse than that, they also see themselves above the consequences and accountability for their actions…and their own laws! This is why they intimidate and seek to silence the pastors for the very same reason the pastors were the most outspoken enemies of King George! They mean to replace God as the one and only authority we pray to for “our daily bread.”

Think of the logic…every single election, appointment and hire listed above has been made on the basis of race, gender and political ideology at the expense of qualification, character and integrity! Why? Because their interest in competence and effectiveness is 100% subordinate to the willingness to obey. And people of sound character and integrity are very poor at obeying anyone who would require them to violate their own conscience!

This is the Progressive’s World in a literal “nutshell”! They build their Utopia through Affirmative Action and add the razor wire of Political Correctness to fence it all in! Where nothing is real, as John Lennon sang. People don’t get fired here because nothing gets broken…that’s just our own misinterpretation of what works you see! Playing God is so much fun…until you have to arm wrestle with the real one! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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