The Obama Administration’s Response to Ebola ~ Incompetence or Act of War?

The "Invited" Weapon of Mass Destruction?

An Agent of Fundamental Transformation?

I had an IVY-Leaguer (the standard term for brain-washed know-it-all) say to me straight-faced the other day that America is a bigger threat to the world than ISIS!! Think about the implications of that for one pain-filled moment and allow it to sink in. If a young American Jew raised on American soil can feel empathy for ISIS and animosity for his own country, how hard will it be for our enemy to pluck all the future Jihadists they will ever need from the rest of the world?

In 1941 America went to war against two enemies; the Japanese in the Pacific, and the Germans in Europe. Neither enemy ever reached the American mainland! In 2014 America is at war with two enemies again; with ISIS in the Middle East, and Ebola in Africa. Both enemies have established positions on the mainland soil of America!

Think about how this happened! Imagine a college kid in 1941 feeling anything remotely akin to sympathy or empathy for Japan or Germany. Now imagine FDR ordering our troops to treat copies of Mein Kampf with respect while depriving them of Bibles and the ability to return fire. This is exactly what our troops serving under Obama are dealing with today! We had Muslims dancing for joy in the streets of Paterson NJ as terrified Americans leapt 100 floors to their deaths when the Twin Towers fell! And today we have US Marines rotting in Leavenworth for Political Correctness violations??? Today we have ISIS “advancing” because today we have a dangerously misguided and misinformed public led by deception…today we have the undisclosed findings of the treasonous Bergdahl trade…today we have the same Susan Rice who told us Benghazi was about a video, telling us Turkey is our friend…today Baghdad is about to fall…because today we have “coalitions” that don’t exist and “protocols” that were never written…because today, my fellow freaked-out Americans, we have Obama!

And speaking of “protocols”…So what about the Ebola Front? After being fed lie after repeated lie from the White House and the CDC on Ebola as stunned Americans, and particularly Iraq War Veterans watch ISIS gain more and more precious ground in Iraq…on the heels of Benghazi and the hit on Navy Seal Team Six because of the insane conditions mentioned above; we have no choice but to contemplate the “unthinkable”. Knowing this same White House has used the IRS to attack, intimidate, and silence Conservative, Christian, and Veterans groups, prosecute journalists for doing their jobs, trample our Constitution, and spy on law-abiding Americans…it would be foolish for us not to consider their handling of Ebola as a possible act of war against the people of America! Obama has taken us from “Unlikely” Ebola in America to flying the Ebola Virus around America in less than one week! For us to not consider this an act of war would be tantamount to following their dereliction with an even more tragic dereliction of our own!

How much abuse are Americans willing to take before we stand up to our abusers? How long will we tolerate the disrespect and mistreatment of our active troops and veterans? How long will we allow them to turn our own children against us? How long will we continue to take what precious freedoms we have left for granted? How long will we continue to swallow their lies where no less than our lives and the lives of our families are at stake? How long before Ebola mutates into the Black Plague of Martial Law…on the eve of what is shaping up to be their Mid-Term Massacre? Is it possible to be that addicted to power?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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6 Responses to The Obama Administration’s Response to Ebola ~ Incompetence or Act of War?

  1. I recall vividly to this day the news accounts of muslim residents dancing in the streets of Paterson, NJ (roughly15 mins from where my family lives). I’m sure they were “moderate” muslims too.

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