What in the World Happened to the Democrats?



“Don’t let anybody tell you that its corporations and businesses that create jobs.” ~ Hillary Clinton

God knows we Republicans have our own problems, but at least we’re recognizable! Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is just about the only Democrat in Democrat’s clothing who’s still a Democrat…and rumor has it, he’s about to change his clothes! How could he not? The Obama Administration, in addition to all of its other sins, has declared war on the people of West Virginia by declaring war on their Industry. Democrat candidates can attempt to distance themselves from this President all they want, but they own that because they supported him, followed him and voted for his un-American policies for the last six years! What in the world has happened to the Democrats? Who in the hell are these people?

Back when Obama went off Teleprompter to proclaim his famous, “You didn’t build that!”…I thought I was listening to a radical gone off the reservation. But just last week the would-be President 2016 Hillary Clinton took the insult a step further! Not only do we not build the businesses; we don’t hire people after we didn’t build them! INSANE!

So help me get my mind around this. Who are these people talking to? How does the Belle of Benghazi drop her Business Bombshell in the Heart of Entrepreneuria and get the votes in 2016? Is there any man or woman in uniform who disrespects the uniform, themselves, or their country enough to vote for her? What about their parents? What about the veterans? What about all the American families who’ve actually built businesses and corporations and put people to work and given them careers…so they wouldn’t have to move to Washington DC and Chappaqua and live off of other people’s dreams! How could anyone possibly possess the degree of self-loathing that vote would require? In fact, you cannot build a business without a tremendous amount of self-esteem…and even more hard work! Who in the hell are these people?

So what in the world did happen to the Democrats? Well, Senator Joe Manchin and the people of West Virginia can tell you. Senator Elbert Guillory and the people of Louisiana can tell you as eloquently as anyone I’ve heard! There are no Democrats…there are only Marxists in Democrat clothing who market themselves as Progressive! Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, MS(Lean Forward)NBC, Bloomberg, Geraldo, Hollywood and Pop Culture…ALL champions of Progressivism, even though:

Progressivism targets Conservative Tea Party Americans as Pelosi’s “threat to civilization” and allows ISIS to become a Fortune 500 Enterprise!

Progressivism outlaws Christian prayer in school and forces our children to recite the Islamic Shahada!

Progressivism believes in leading from behind!

Progressivism believes that 2 + 2 = 5 isn’t necessarily wrong!

Progressivism believes that it is more qualified to raise our children than we are!

Progressivism wants to turn churches into Yoga Centers!

Progressivism wants to tell you what you can and cannot eat, drink, think and do!

Progressivism wants us to call boys & girls “purple penguins” rather than boys & girls!

Progressivism sees the moon going down when the sun comes up as racism!

Progressivism demands the surrender of conscience to ideal!

In other words, Progressives are a greater threat to US than ISIS!!

We are eight days away from the Mid-Term Election! They tell us, according to the polls, it’s a very close race. “Knife’s edge” I think I heard one commentator call it. How in the world is that possible? To be fair, I am a registered Republican who happens to prefer the moniker of Conservative. I am proud to be a traditional Conservative American!

What if the Mid-Term race isn’t close at all? What if they are spinning the narrative that it is so close, so that when they steal it few will question the results? Oh, I forgot to mention what the “few” of us already know:

Marxists masquerading as Democrats who call themselves Progressives don’t believe in right and wrong!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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5 Responses to What in the World Happened to the Democrats?

  1. Paul Laux says:

    One can only shake one’s head (if that head is occupied by a sane brain) at all you have articulated so well, Mr. Chipo! The incredulous nightmare continues.

  2. Chip Murray says:

    Kind of makes you wonder what ever happened to “live and learn” Paulo!! 🙂

  3. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    Yep Chip, I’m about to go to the polls. Will probably just pull straight ticket though I hate to do that as usual. It looks like the 2016 election is being rigged as we speak. I’m guessing Jeb vs Hill. Just shoot me now. If that is what the RNC intends, this is it, the coups de grace so to speak. if somehow conservatives take the senate and keep the house next week, their action or inaction will determine the future of the US. If there aren’t wonton investigations and charges filed, we’ll know the whole stage is truly scripted.


    • Chip Murray says:

      Down to the wire my Texan friend…all I know is they lose in the end! BTW, I was very pleased to see our Long Horns display some voter ID “Common Sense”!! Hope its catchy!!

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