The Treachery of Samantha Power

The Face of Treachery

The Face of Treachery

Ms. Power also derided concerns about Iran’s nuclear weapons program in a Time magazine column, stating that it was a figment of the imagination conjured up and promoted by George Bush to gin up pressure on Iran. She counseled, what else, outreach and engagement not further pressure. She will be great at the United Nations: great for Iran, great for Hezb’llah, great for Hamas. She will be widely welcomed in that hotbed of hatred. ~ American Thinker, June 2013

How many of us in our own life experience have discovered who our true friends are in the very worst of times?  In 2009 Americans were promised a “fundamental transformation” as the key component of “hope and change”. We didn’t realize at the time that transformation meant transformation away from the very values that made America the place everyone else wanted to come to. We didn’t know it meant transformation from freedom of the individual, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the Press to the surrendering of these freedoms to an all powerful State!

There have been many brave souls shouting words of warning from the watchtower of freedom for the past six years. They’ve been systematically marginalized, branded as extremists and racists, and dismissed in favor of the bread & circus du jour. Most Americans have finally discovered that the Emperor has no clothes. But precious few of us have extrapolated the deeper implications of this disturbing revelation…a revelation that has transformed the Middle East into a cauldron of fire and unchecked atrocity.

I submit that, as friendships go, our relationship with Israel is shaping up to be the greatest casualty of fundamental transformation. Not only has Israel been our best friend in the region, they’ve been our only friend. More than that, they are freedom’s best friend, democracy’s best friend, and women’s rights’ best friend! Picture your best friend in the world on small tiny island surrounded by man-eating, anti-Semitic sharks. That is Israel! Only these sharks can walk, tunnel and fly…

Now, let’s examine what fundamental transformation has done for our “friend” in the past week alone. “Someone” speaking for Obama referred to Benjamin Netanyahu (one of the most courageously solid statesmen in the world) as “chickenshit”! Mr. “red line” community organizer’s camp calling the Champion of Mid-East Democracy “chickenshit”? That’s like Neville Chamberlain calling Winston Churchill “chickenshit”! Has there ever been a more embarrassing, yet revealing utterance out of an American Whitehouse? Is this how we treat our friends? Is this what fundamental transformation requires of us??

In this very same week, CAIR (The Propaganda Arm of the Jihadist Savages) attacks the popular Jewish Birthright Program, as the very same Muslim savages attempt to assassinate Rabbi Yahuda Glick outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem! “The writing was on the wall, the ceiling and the windows. Every Jew who goes up to the Temple Mount is a target for violence,” said MK Moshe Feiglin. This would be like you or me being targeted for the crime of visiting our Statue of Liberty!

Our friend Israel; “the ONLY Mideast country NOT persecuting Christians.” A virtual Oasis to Womanhood in a world otherwise hostile to women! You may ask yourself how in the world…WHY would America of all peoples turn her back on this noble friend?

We know the name John Kerry. We know the name Susan Rice. But fewer of us know the name Samantha Power. Put the three of them together and you not only have the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight…you’ve got the Gang That Can’t Walk Straight, and tragically for the world…the Gang That Can’t Talk Straight!

Nothing get’s done in Obamaville without Mayor Valerie Jarrett’s approval, but when it comes to the crime of betraying our best friend, Power’s fingerprints are plastered all over the crime scene. So who is this person Samantha Power, and how did she qualify for the Obama Team?

  • Academic ~ Check!
  • Radical (Married to Cass Sunstein) ~ Check!
  • Atheist ~ Check!
  • Anti-Semite ~ Check!

WOW! Sounds like the perfect job description for a US Ambassador to the United Nations! ~ Check!

Did you ever stop to wonder how Progressives got so good at winning “prestigious” awards? She won a Pulitzer for her book on US Policy towards genocide in the 20th century. It’s Academia rewarding Academia! The world is learning the hard way that the only thing more dangerous than Academics playing politics on the global stage is Godless Academics playing politics on the global stage!

To us, compassion is a quality of the heart. To them it is simply a tool to gain control. So the next time you look to the chaos in the Middle East, standing there in the heart of atrocity, knee deep in the river of blood, severed heads, enslaved women and orphaned children…you will find her, atrocity’s greatest enabler, pointing her dripping finger of condemnation at Freedom’s last remaining friend. And you pay her salary! …or is it the Iranian Ayatollah?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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