The Mom & Pops’ “Boxed-in”-Surrender of America

Surrender is such an ugly word to my mind. But nobody talks about its precursor “indifference”. Barnhardt nails it when she says, “The opposite of love or charity is not hate.  The opposite of love is indifference.”

Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, I watched with sadness as another piece of America was torn away and auctioned off with a vote by the Orange County Legislature to pass the new “Asset Forfeiture Law” granting power to the D.A. to seize assets of drug “misdemeanor” suspects without due process, without redress until after the trial…ushering in a new guilty until proven innocent era here in Orange County, New York! Wrong on so many levels, and it was Republicans I’m ashamed to say, who sold us out! The Undersheriff (and fellow Oath Keeper) said to me “It’s been upheld by the Supreme Court” as if to apply a Band-Aid of justification to the severed artery consequence of their party-line vote. How did we get here?

As I was mindlessly watching TV the other day…the truest of tautologies…which has really become nothing more than an endless parade of Pharma/Target Box Store commercials with a slice of bread and circus sprinkled about here and there…it suddenly dawned on me; this is where our indifference has come from! And that led me to think back to the pre-Box days of the Moms & Pops, and Voilà!  The answer! This is exactly how we got here!

When we were Moms & Pops WE called the shots. We controlled our own destinies because we controlled our own communities. But the greatest and most tragic unintended consequence of our lifetime has just become crystal clear to me! When we transformed our local hardware stores into Home Depots and Lowes, our local pharmacies and five and dimes into CVS and Walmarts, and our main street retail into Gallerias and Nordstroms, we gave up way much more than any of us could have ever imagined…

As I sat in the audience listening to intelligent and well-articulated arguments from my fellow citizens before the 21 law-makers, noticing the expression of mocking arrogance in response on the face of one of the legislators directly across from me, I realized that they are listening and reacting to what is fast becoming a community of powerless serfs fighting a Political Machine…and the rising tide of indifference!

***YOUTUBE– GOSHEN, NEW YORK–   In a 12-9 vote, the Orange County legislators passed a law allowing law enforcement agencies to seize defendants’ cash and cars in misdemeanor drug cases, despite fierce opposition from Democrat legislators and audience members who spoke before the meeting.    December 4, 2014

Asset forfeiture has been described as a form of legalized theft that serves as a major funding source for governments.   Through asset forfeiture, law enforcement agencies can appropriate your property;  your money, your car, your house, or any other property you own and keep it unless you can prove your innocence and that your property wasn’t used in a crime – either by you or somebody else.

Asset forfeiture violates the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.   When cops seize your property under asset forfeiture laws, they don’t have to prove you guilty.    The burden shifts to you.   You must go to court and prove your innocence in order to reclaim your property.   There are numerous horror stories about innocent people have cash seized simply because they were carrying large amounts of money for perfectly innocent reasons.

Governments rake in an astonishing amount of money through asset forfeiture.   In 2012, federal, state and local law enforcement gobbled up more than $4.2 billion in assets.   Federal laws, along with most state laws, allow state and local law enforcement agencies to pocket a large chunk of that money.

Watch the public comments and legislators vote here:

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6 Responses to The Mom & Pops’ “Boxed-in”-Surrender of America

  1. erick says:

    And thus we see more proof that party identification is no evidence of respect for our Constitution nor the values of the men who wrote our Declaration of Independence. Just look at the RepublicRATs who are caving in on immigration. I submit to you that unless and until the majority of people in our country humble themselves and return to His Word, (not a church) or pope, pastor or guru we will continue to slide toward a police controlled state and one world government. It follows that when a people become fat and dull and no longer acknowledge the Creator, then He will no longer bless them nor protect them from the consequences of their sins. It happened to ancient Israel time and time again. Turn off the Mindless T.V. Cut the cable to it. Pick up His word. Read, repent, pray. Then get involved in picking the candidates, if your interest is politics, or better yet run yourself. And get your children and grandchildren out of the public indoctrination system. They are the future. P.S. See Fully Informed Jury Association ( for info. on jury nullification.

  2. Admin says:

    So, I watched with great interest Mert’s video. First off I am AMAZED how bored the legislators looked (not really – they all – no matter county – believe THEY know best). Secondly – money, money, money – everyone can make their ‘reasoning’ pertinent when speaking about takes a keen ear to ‘hear’ what is really going on and most don’t use that sense. Lastly – these people are voted in – so, how did they get voted in? That’s the question that resonates across all towns, counties, states and nation. Although we continually heard that this was ‘not rushed in’ and ‘other counties are doing it’ and ‘percentage of profit’ – the question comes down to this: Money now trumps the Constitution? Sadly, it apparently does.

  3. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    The lords and vassals began heating the pot of frogs in 1907 or so. I think it odd that so few of the frogs could feel the water warming and when they did sound the alarm, the majority of the frogs said they were nuts! We have been serfs since that damned 16th ammendment was ratified at which time we became slaves to a truly communist machine.

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