Selma “Snub” + LBJ “Scrub” = A Dishonored MLK!



Today will be the 32nd time in past 32 years our nation honors the memory and legacy of Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. And from what I see going on around me, it appears that the majority of the blacks today have no idea who this man was. And from the tone of many black “leaders”, it would seem they have made this day about themselves and a perversion of the black narrative, rather than a day to celebrate the memory of a great man and the simple truth he lived and died for.

In fact, the so-called “black leaders” of America today remind me of the gossiping high school girl who makes up ugly stories about her rivals and then starts and spreads the insidious rumors with the intent to destroy their reputations. Obama, Holder and the entire Black Caucus are all 100% responsible for dishonoring the memory of a truly great man…for the sake of agenda, power and control.

Maureen Dowd is not someone I usually agree with, but she has made some very valid points in her assessment of the movie Selma directed by a black female director named Ava DuVernay. DuVernay, it seems, took some liberties in her portrayal LBJ and his relationship to King and the struggle for black civil rights. She did so, according to Dowd, because she was not interested in making a “white savior” movie. And so we have what Ms. Dowd refers to as an  “Artful falsehood” which “is more dangerous than artless falsehood, because fewer people see through it.” That sounds like a pretty darn good description of the Obama Administration’s recipe for race-relations to me!

Perhaps you haven’t noticed the slew of black movie releases since Obama has been in the White House. Every single one of them is intended to infect the young black and self-loathing white audiences with resentment for the whiteness of their world. There were only teenagers in the theater with Maureen Dowd to see Selma, because their parents and grandparents knew it to be predicated on lie and distortion. And the best part? The Oscars overlooked Selma because the same people who heaped the lion-share of awards on 12 Years a Slave last year…are racists?

There was one enormous opportunity to plant racism in the dustbin of history forever and ever with the election of Barack Obama…until he called on Erick Holder to be his enforcer and Al Sharpton to be the Gossip Czar. The rest, as they say, is history and a very ugly one at that!

So my advice to young blacks and whites alike is that if you really intend to honor Martin Luther King Jr., and all he stood for, then stay home with your family, catch up on your homework, attend church, be accountable to yourself and learn to discern and tune out the voices that lead to resentment.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Selma “Snub” + LBJ “Scrub” = A Dishonored MLK!

  1. Sigrid Macdonald says:

    Chip, I think it’s really important that movies like Selma stay historically accurate for a number of reasons. One, most viewers think that they are seeing a nonfiction movie. If it’s going to be fictionalized, especially ideologically, we should know about it. Two, as you said, so many young people don’t know their history that well, and they should know that LBJ was a big player in the civil rights movement. Why demonize him? Well, we know why, but it’s not right.

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