The Proof of Obama’s Treason IS in the Kurdish Pudding!

"Much worse than you think!"

“Much worse than you think!”

Another day, another Middle Eastern defeat. On Sunday the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, ousted Kurdish forces from three towns in northern Iraq and laid siege to the country’s largest dam. The question now is whether the Obama Administration will abandon our long-time Kurdish allies as they battle the jihadist army. ~ WSJ “Abandoning the Kurds”, August 4, 2014

I listened to the heartbreaking pleas of an Iraqi Christian woman, desperate and in tears, begging for help from anyone who would listen on the Sean Hannity show week before last. She described horrors that made accounts of Nazi brutality and the Bataan Death March seem kind. I have never heard anything so outrageously disturbing in my entire life! It made me cry…

And then just the other day I listened to “Inside ISIS” author Ben Hall report on the same disgrace. He had traveled to the region in 2007 to document what he thought was going to be an upbeat story about hope and change after the fall of Saddam Hussein. But then came our own election of hope and change…

From the Cairo speech to the present, Obama has left a trail of clues the blind, deaf and dumb could follow to provide the answer to the WSJ question posed above on August 4, 2014. I pose the more important question on the other end of the following quotes from a variety of mainstream sources. As you read these, I ask that you think back on Rep. Bachmann’s July 2012 call for Congress to investigate the infiltration of the Obama Administration by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the fact that we now know Obama’s State Department was offline and hidden from public view by a private email server in Chappaqua; all happening on the watch of the American President who deliberately mischaracterized the monster he created, as a “JV Squad”!  

Unlike Libyan Jihadists and Mexican Drug Cartels, Obama Won’t “Break Law” to Provide Weapons to Kurds.” ~ Daniel Greenfield, August 7, 2014

“The Kurds are allies of the U.S. They have a civil society, they’re pro-American, and they fight really hard. But they’re essentially using javelins and harpoons here, and we have not given them anything. Why in God’s name we don’t resupply or supply our allies who can hold back ISIS is beyond me. ~ Charles Krauthammer, August 8, 2014

“Opponents of supplying the Kurds fear that it will promote the further disintegration of Iraq, and that is a risk. But the alternative is almost unthinkable: that the U.S. allow the most stable, peaceful, pro-Western territory in Iraq, which is controlled by the Kurds, to be overrun by jihadists.” ~ The Denver Post, August 11, 2014

Everyone knows the most reliably pro-American military in the Syria-Iraq region is the Peshmerga, yet American arms have not been provided to these Kurds, nor has their justified nationalist aspiration been acknowledged, let alone endorsed. Instead, America is handing the region to Iran… ~ i24 News, September 22, 2014

“Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero, a former U.S. commander in Iraq who just returned from a trip to Irbil, said it was clear to him that the U.S. is not delivering the weapons the Kurds need to fight the Islamic State group.” ~ GOP USA, October 2, 2014

“The Obama administration is refusing to directly arm the Kurds. We need to arm the Kurds now because they are our boots on the ground.” ~ Ted Cruz, February 8, 2015

The Kurds need U.S. weapons, fast. In particular, they need armored personnel carriers and Humvees to protect their troops, tanks to repel enemy advances, night-vision goggles to detect sneak attacks and small attack helicopters to defend a front that stretches 600 miles.”  ~ The Washington Post, February 11, 2015

“More advances, hopefully leading to the IS’s destruction, could be made if the United States would just provide more military hardware to fight the terrorists. Both the Kurds and Jordanians have pleaded for such aid. Why the White House will not provide it is a mystery. This, after all, is the president who frequently proclaims the United States needs better relationships with other countries – and who insists American troops should stay out of Middle East wars.” ~ Salem News, February 27, 2015

Is it merely coincidence that the forces of Evil are coalescing with ISIS and Boko Haram uniting as Obama is dividing America, and alienating our allies? Following the same clearly marked trail above is exactly what led the Israeli Prime Minister and 47 American Senators to take their message directly to the American People and the Leaders of Iran! We have a traitor in the White House, and nobody seems to know what to do about it!

Please tune in to the Sunday Tune-up tomorrow where we’ll attempt to discover what God knows about all this…a little bit of prophecy in the “Biblical Tetrads”. We are half way through the 8th Tetrad (since 1AD) with the 3rd blood moon coming on April 4th (Passover & Easter eve), and the 4th on September 28th (Feast of Tabernacles). Keep the faith my friend…

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7 Responses to The Proof of Obama’s Treason IS in the Kurdish Pudding!

  1. John Anthony says:

    Nice breakdown, Chip. I wonder how many Americans even know why Netanyahu was in the States? The media turned attentions toward Congressional impropriety and that became the dialogue.

  2. Martin Burnett says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!


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  4. armine says:

    Very disturbing to me how Obama is treating our FRIEND…Israel.

  5. armine says:

    Very disturbing to me how Obama is treating our friend and ally Netanyahu. My father is rolling over in his grave……. 😦

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