Bad Thieves & Crooked Cops in the Theatre of the Absurd

The Queen Bee ~ "She's got to be more forthcoming." - Ed Rendell (D)

The Queen Bee ~ “She’s got to be more forthcoming.” – Ed Rendell (D)

Have you noticed the rapidly growing disconnect between the American Public and the American Politician? While you and I try to manage our daily affairs, you know, tend to our businesses and look after our families; they are growing more and more Machiavellian day by day by live long day. They have progressively turned the entire world into the Theater of the Absurd, while we digressively work harder and harder to pretend that it’s all normal!

I heard someone say yesterday, “Democrats must be so embarrassed.” And I thought to myself, what does a Republican have to feel good about? The only thing worse than a bad thief is a crooked cop! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what has become of those who represent we the taxpayers. They have become one foul and steaming pile of bad thieves and crooked cops…we no longer exist to them, other than to be used as props and pawns.

What I find both fascinating and alarming, is not the Establishment Republicans who fail to hold the Establishment Democrats accountable for their “crimes”. Yes I did say “crimes”…the bad thief is not absolved of his/her transgressions because the crooked cop looked the other way! No, what I find fascinating is that we have entered a new Machiavellian chapter where the bad thieves are now turning on each other and throwing themselves under the bus. I find it alarming because it signals that the end of their theatre is near, which is both good and bad. Good because the truth will finally be able to pop it’s long-lost head up. Bad because of the instability and civil unrest that will inevitably follow. Hell will break loose!

They’ve had the goods on Menendez for at least the past 4 years, but it wasn’t Boehner or Issa who pulled the trigger, it was Sheriff Obama and Deputy Holder. And 6 years into Obama’s “most transparent administration ever”, it wasn’t the Republicans who revealed the greatest security breach and treasure trove of ethical violations in U.S. State Department History, most likely ending the Presidential aspirations of their own Queen Bee…it was the Democrats!! Could it be that one self-server was exposed by the Self-Server-in-Chief? 

Sharyl Attkisson coined a great term in her book “Stonewalled”. The award-winning investigative journalist taught us to play the “Substitution Game” to reveal the total absurdity of our American Political Theatre. Simply substitute the name Bush in place of Obama in the “if you like your doctors” whopper or any host of Constitutional-dodging “executive actions”…and Cheney for Clinton on Benghazi or Email-gate!

No matter how desperately hard you and I try to keep our heads down, and live normal lives…this level of absurdity is unsustainable. And that is because their lust for power is unquenchable! The American Public must devise a new “Substitution Game” or we will perish from the earth! Might I suggest that we substitute morality in place of Progressive, ethical in place of corrupt, and public-servants in place of self-servers! Think about it!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to Bad Thieves & Crooked Cops in the Theatre of the Absurd

  1. Chip Murray says:

    “Failure to engage in options one through five GUARANTEES the necessity of number six. Sadly, that is where we are going.”

  2. Bill Banuchi says:

    Right On once again, Chip.

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