Netanyahu’s Victory; A Ray of Light in the Progressive Sea of Darkness

Time to turn out of the shadow and...

Time to turn out of the shadow and…

“Despite Obama’s interference, V15, missions spent by the State Department and Obama’s Jews at the New Israel Fund and Alisa Doctoroff, Karen Adler, the Carole Zabar, the Bronfman Foundation, David Hochberg, The Jewish Communal Fund, Edith Everett, Rosenzweig Coopersmith Foundation, Max and Andre Leichtag, Geoffrey Biddle, David Eisner, President and CEO of Repair the World, the Leichtag Foundation, the Kathryn Ames Foundation, and so many others — the good triumphed.” ~ Pamela Geller, on Bibi’s Win!

It is impossible to overstate the significance of what took place in Israel this past Tuesday. Obama put more “boots on the ground” to undermine and defeat Netanyahu than he has to stop the spread of ISIS. Only the Tea Party has taken more fire from Obama’s artillery! We knew about the President’s ground game to defeat the one man standing up to the forces of darkness, but who knew about the legions of Israel-hating Leftists behind him? The fact that Bibi won by the margin he did in the face of more than remarkable odds, in spite of the desperate efforts of all those listed above, is nothing less than a miracle!

I love the way the Left hides their freedom-sucking globalist designs behind such luring appeal. “New Israel Fund” has such a Progressive ring to it, don’t you think? And who among us wouldn’t want to “Repair the World”? Except that when we google the names and peel back the onion, we discover that they are the ones destroying the world to begin with. After all, they are the very same people who sent the Destroyer residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the first place! Turn over the stones to see what crawls out of the shadow…

“But small town boys can become big time operatives, particularly after spending time in that hothouse of hubris, Harvard University. Bird attended Harvard’s Divinity School from 2000 until 2002, where he encountered Big Ideas and learned he could do Big Things.” ~ Lori Lowenthal Marcus, The Jewish on V15 founder Jeremy Bird, who was “marinated in his early boss’s hate-Israel activism.”                                                              

Not only has Obama not congratulated our “#1 ally” in the Middle east, he is already conspiring against him! I thought Mika’s facial muscles were going to lock into some weird sort of manic spasm as she twisted truth yesterday on Morning Joe. “Good for Netanyahu, bad for Israel.”! Her father must feel like the dying King in Braveheart at the very end, as the Princess whispers in his ear that she is carrying Wallace’s seed!

We have reached the very pinnacle of Progressive hubris and affront to the laws of nature and God himself my friends. Bibi has read the book, studied “God’s Billboard”, and learned the lessons his detractors have rejected…in this Shemitah year of the 4th “Biblical Tetrad” since 1AD! What H.W. experienced in ’91, “The Perfect Storm sent 30-foot ocean waves into Bush’s Kennebunkport home as he was calling on Israel to give up the West Bank (Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem),” was a divine slap on the wrist compared to what this perfect storm of Obama’s arrogance and power has unleashed on our world. Think “Higher Ground” my friends…trust me! Now would be a very good time to turn into the light!

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9 Responses to Netanyahu’s Victory; A Ray of Light in the Progressive Sea of Darkness

  1. D. says:

    I am so delighted that Bibi has been able to win re-election despite the massive effort to defeat him. It is so shocking to see the damage done to our relationship with Israel since Obama has gotten into the White House. I believe within the top five reasons that many Americans voted for the mid-season republican/conservative correction was to counter balance the terrible middle eastern policy that unfolded under Obama. It was worth that battle when those elected officials invited Bibi to address them and our nation. I was moved and inspired by his speech.
    The latest news is that we may vote against Israel in the United States concerning Palestinian statehood! We can not do this. The whole trading land for peace was a complete and utter failure, why? The answer is that the enemies of Israel will not be satisfied with compromise. The Palestinians have proven that they will not live in peace. They have proven it over and over again. Their whole modus operendi is that they, not the Jews should have that land. All of that land. They will not be satisfied with anything less than the complete destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jewish people.

  2. D. says:

    Yes it does. Yet, I want to be like Netanyahu and have part of the meaning of my life be to stand up for the truth in the midst of the insanity. Obviously, so do you!

  3. armine says:

    I am so glad that Netanyahu won the election! Thank God because he is a true leader. Obama hates Bibi and Israel, and the push to be allied with Iran is disturbing. The leaders of Iran are very vocal about their desire to eliminate Israel and the citizens. So, why don’t American Jews voice opposition to Obama’s policies?

  4. Mike says:

    Look, let’s review. The President is a Muslim sympathetic, socialist. Now these facts are very obvious if you read a paper or watch a TV. We should not be surprised by his actions. He is not stupid or a fool. He performs exactly the way he wants. By changing our land he is on a path to destroy the free world. This once again is fact. Oh, in his mind it’s all good. So, we must not allow this stuff to continue. All Americans, other then those who like what he does, must vote against anyone who in the past, present or future supports his policies. Please believe me! Read any book or article on socialism and Obama is a spokesperson for socialism. When he is gone we must correct this stuff for the benefit of Israel and the USA. Also the rest of the free world. ISIS must be destroyed and any who support them. Bibi is right on target and it is our duty, for the survival of Christian values and rights of all people who do not wish to be a Muslim. Islam is a cult with bizarre methods. Stand together for all. Congrats Mr. Prime Minister…Oh this is just the way it is folks.

  5. D. says:

    Right on Mike!

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