Truth, Justice and the American Way!

The Antidote!

The Antidote!


No society or culture has ever successfully survived by disengaging itself from its own financial responsibilities and dumping them on future generations without falling from historical grace. Not one. Does anyone with any sense really believe that the U.S. is somehow immune to this reality? ~ Brandon Smith, A Look at the Real Economy Before it Implodes, Part 3

Replacing the S in the Superman logo with a C for Conservative was the genius of the Drudge Report yesterday, and their way of heralding the official candidacy of Ted Cruz for President of these very un-United States. I’m not sure about Cruz personally…there’s more than one Conservative in the field. But I am certain of this; D stands for the Destruction of our country because D, quite simply, has turned into M for Marxist. And R stands for Retreat because, as the good Lord said, “You shall know them by what they do”, and that’s what they do!

To better understand how Conservatism WILL save America, it is helpful to first understand how the Progressive Liberal is destroying her. If you get the  scene in the movie As Good As It Gets when Nicholson’s character responds to the ditzy receptionist’s question, “How do you write women so well?” ; you understand he hit Liberalism where it lives when he replied, “I think of a man, and I take away all reason and accountability.”

If I allowed myself the luxury of hate, I would lavish every ounce of it upon the Progressive. I can’t think of a better example of why that is, than one of the most painfully revealing articles I’ve ever read about what they’re doing to our children. “Hiding From Scary Ideas” was sent to me yesterday by a student from Brown. The very same people who turn a simple debate into an infantile mosh pit of intellectual mush are the same exact people who’ve hijacked American Culture, bankrupt the American Economy, and are steering Foreign Policy straight into WWlll!

Liberals make wonderful actors, great playwrights and incredible musicians and songwriters because they have great imagination and emotional feeling! BUT, they are God-awful at admitting mistakes, tolerating opinions outside their own, and holding themselves and the people they vote for accountable…all the exact reasons why they are not suited for public offices which serve broader constituencies, where accountability is literally the only thing separating  us from tyranny and despotism!

Oh, I forgot “reason”. Only a complete lack of reason could explain how any people would tolerate the same fools who seek to disarm law-abiding American Citizens here at home while gun-walking thousands of assault weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels, “lose” hundreds of Manpad Missiles in Benghazi and “$500 Million” worth of weapons to Al Qaeda in Yemen (Obama’s example of foreign policy success)!

Finally, in case you haven’t noticed by now, Liberals LOVE to spend!!! Obama has doubled the “official” debt since taking office. They tell you it is now $18 Trillion. What they don’t tell you is that it’s really “$205 Trillion”! Gosh, that’s an awful lot of zeroes!

Progressivism has turned the concept of Truth, Justice and the American Way into a joke by splintering Truth with “subjective”, perverting Justice with “social” and turning the American Way into something to be “ashamed of”!

We’ve all been sure of things in our lives, but I have never been more sure of this. Only a God-fearing Conservative can dig us out of the hole that Democrats and Republicans have buried us in. Watching this President in action, I’m not sure the world can wait until 2016 for the Man of Steel to appear! Wait, look up in the sky…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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