The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ March 22, 2015

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom

“If America is going to stage a come-back, the churches are going to have to lead the charge.” ~ Rick Santorum

When I was a wee lad, I remember sitting between my parents and grandparents, alongside my sisters on Sunday morning church services at St. Paul’s Methodist Church, across the street from where my grandparents lived in Syracuse, NY. The hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers” always struck me as a bit odd. The paradox of a gentle turn-the-other-cheek Jesus with soldiers marching off to war was a concept that eluded me…until now!

This past Tuesday (St. Patty’s Day), I attended the annual New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom and New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation conference in Albany with my good friends Clay and Paul. It was a day filled with prayer, song, inspiration and hope! Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

Do Something!

On the two hour ride to Albany, we had the opportunity to compare notes on our respective takes on what is best described as the unraveling of America. Of the countless fraying threads speeding our decline, we touched on demoralization, the devil’s favorite weapon…with no possible way of knowing it would be the theme of keynote speaker Rick Santorum’s speech!

The conference we were attending was organized as a Legislative Day to educate the attendees on the legislation that affects the NYCF and NYFRF “Core Issues”; Protecting Human Life, Promoting Strong Families, Preserving Religious Liberty, and Proclaiming Justice and Mercy, in order to “influence legislation for the Lord.”

  • Human Trafficking Bill ~ Passed the day before, this bill, with help from the Polaris Project, will give law enforcement the tools it needs to fight what has become a big problem in New York. Young girls 12 -14 years old forced into sex-slavery will be decriminalized and helped by this bill.
  • Education Incentives and Credits Act ~ This bill will provide valuable tax credits for private, charter and home schooling, strengthening choice in education. The unions hate it!
  • Adoption Tax Deduction Bill #2026 ~ Removes financial roadblocks for couples looking to adopt through foster programs.
  • NY Genda “Bathroom Bill” ~ Perhaps the greatest sign of our social insanity, this PC absurdity bill would have granted cross-dressing perverts access to public bathrooms, our wives and daughters. Good news/bad news…It was defeated…by ONE vote!
  • Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill ~ Packaged as “Compassion and Choice”, this bill provides quite the incentive to insurance companies. The State of Oregon sent Barbara Wagoner a now famous letter stating that they would not cover the cost of the medicine she needed to save her life, but they would pick up the tab for her physician-assisted suicide!
  • Counselor Coercion Bill ~ This bill would muzzle the Pro-Christian Therapy seeking to provide help to those struggling with sexual confusion and homosexual “temptation”. It passed in the Assembly, but we’ve “stymied it in the Senate!
  • 10 Point “Women’s Equality” Bill ~ Talk about a Trojan “Late-term Abortion” Horse! This bill didn’t pass the Assembly Sniff Test…thanks to the help of Ruben Diaz and some fellow Democrats!

The Reverend Jason McGuire, Executive Director of NYFRF & NYCF opened up the conference with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. He focused the attendees on the issues above as part of a bigger picture…a picture of America on a most troubling and worrisome path of moral destruction and decay. A path that directly threatens the very freedoms and liberties that Americans have held dear and sacred for generations! He talked about God’s blessings, and he talked about God’s curses on the nations who turn their backs, as we are doing now. He led us in prayer for Bibi Netanyahu and the State of Israel, on this the day of what we now know to be his reelection!

Senator Richard Funke delivered a strong 2nd Amendment message sharply criticizing Cuomo’s unconstitutional NY SAFE Act. Senator George Amedore, who lost his first election by being too timid and reserved in defending family values, was finally elected when he sent letters to every church and made up T-shirts for every congregation that read “Vote the Bible”! He was ridiculed in the press…but he won! Assemblyman Marc Butler spoke about the “Progressive” environment in Albany, led by the arrogance and power of a governor who declared Conservatives “unwelcome” in his state! Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak wowed the crowd with her youthful enthusiasm as the youngest politician in Albany!

We broke for lunch where we met new friends and shared experiences and many of us took advantage of the 90 minute break to visit the offices of our elected representatives. We then headed back to the “Egg” for desert…former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum’s address.

Before I take you there, I need to share a conversation I had day before yesterday with a cherished friend in the Liberty Movement. She has done more than most to try and stem the tide of daily attacks on American Values. She was near hopelessness with a sense of “it’s already too late”, knowing the creeping vine of government intrusion that is slowly strangling us to death better than anyone else I know. Now remember the “demoralization” discussion my friends and I shared on the ride up…

Rick Santorum gave us all what we came for. Rick Santorum gave us hope, strength and courage with words from the experience of his life. He echoed Rev. McGuire’s comments earlier and he talked about the importance of faith especially during times of defeat. He talked about his own heartbreaking defeat on the floor of the Senate and an Abortion Bill that was passed in spite of his passionate appeal. He spoke about his darkest hour in the wake of defeat, nearly succumbing to his “inner loser”…until he received the call from the young man whose pregnant partner’s verge of abortion-baby his televised appeal/speech had just saved!

He went on to talk about America’s blessings in contrast with Europe’s curse at the hands of a “radically secular” European Union in which “churches have become museums, and only 10% of its people believe in God”! This is where our “leaders” in Washington are taking us, he warned. He talked about his experiences where he asked college students where their rights came from…and then had to do what their teachers had failed to do by teaching them the significance of our Declaration of Independence which clearly identifies our “Creator” as the source, setting us apart from all other nations as the reason for our “exceptionalism”!

He went on to discuss his work as the CEO of Echo Light Studios and their plans to release their new movie “Return to the Hiding Place” to 650 churches across America in May, with the help of you and me! He said, and I quote: “If America is going to stage a comeback, the churches are going to have to lead the charge.” This is what it means to be a Christian Soldier dear friend! The same college kid who has been deprived of knowing the source of our rights, has no doubt been robbed of knowing who the “Black-robed Regiment” were. In fact it was the American Clergy who inspired and led the American Revolution from the American Pulpit!

Finally, Rick Santorum encouraged us all NOT to ever give up. He said when he is asked the question he is most frequently asked, “What can we do?” He responds, “Do Something!” I realized sitting in that wonderful space with so many of my fellow Americans who are responsible for “doing something” every day to achieve the legislative victories outlined above, there is no place for “demoralization” here. We are Americans; an entire ocean away from the EU! God Bless America!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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7 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ March 22, 2015

  1. Mike says:

    Chip, this is good stuff. Belief in something greater than ourselves is what keeps us on an even keel. God gave us everything. Without God in our lives we are empty of moral values. I see this lack of a moral compass everyday. People who think of the here and now. Think only of themselves, not of their fellow man. Politicians whose lust for power and riches dominates their every move. God better help us. SO yes we should all do something to right the ship. I will, will others?

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  3. Chip Murray says:

    The result of this, despite Janet Yellen’s best efforts at explaining to low income Americans that it’s a good idea to have assets, is a growing divide between the rich and the poor and this divide is not only getting wider thanks to the central bank’s efforts to inflate the value of the very types of assets that the poor are unlikely to own, but is in fact now destroying the American family.

  4. Bill Banuchi says:

    Great synopsis of the day. We were glad to be there with you, and yes, we are doing something. On April 12th we’ll be showing the movie “Light Wins-Overcoming the criminalization of Christianity.” Hopefully this will be a rallying call for people of faith who are willing to get in the fight. “Onward Christian Soldiers!”

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