The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ March 29, 2015

John Adams ~ Wise beyond his years!

John Adams ~ Wise beyond his years!

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” ~ John Adams

There were two key points I failed to address in my report on the NYCF “Legislative Day” in Albany last Sunday. I can only surmise this is because they were meant to be brought up today…which makes perfect sense in light of today’s Tune-up topic. When I pointed out keynote speaker Rick Santorum’s “Do something” response to the most often-asked question, “What can we do?”, I failed to provide his complete response which is “Do something, anything…but do it without condemning. Do it with love and do it with faith.” I received a little constructive criticism from someone I love yesterday that is in perfect harmony with Santorum’s sage advice. She pointed out that the tone of my message can come across in a harsh and condemning way to minds that might otherwise be interested in what I have to say…I guess it’s a little like losing your temper on paper. Point taken and accepted. The second Santorum nugget I neglected to pass along to you last week was his most inspiring message of the day; “We (New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom) have the Truth on our side!” Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

Why the God-fearing-Government Our Founders Prescribed is Heaven for Atheists & LGBT

The light of Liberty does not discriminate. It falls as sweetly on every skin and warms the heart of every creed and ethnicity. Conversely, the same can be said of the horrible chains of tyranny! It has been said that the most effective prison is the one without bars. If you think about what John Adams was saying in the context of today’s Political Class, you have to realize WE have clearly chosen not to heed his warning! The public servant of his day has become the ruling class of ours. This can seem less evident to the constituent of the one in power, who is wooed and catered to…until the power becomes absolute. Think of it as a giant Venus Fly Trap!

The same friend who offered the constructive criticism also challenged my stand on some of the moral issues of our day. She pointed out some my own transgressions as if to say, “Who are you to call a sin a sin?” “The key component of morality,” I offered, “is that I know I have sinned…I know I have violated God’s Law…and I know I am forgiven if I seek it in my heart.” So much attention was paid to the “intellect” of our current President during his first campaign for office. I can’t help but wonder how many of us who supported him now wish we had focused more on the question of his “morality”. Clearly there is a significant public confusion as to the question of his “religion”.

If your man abuses his “Constitutional authority” and our “Rule of Law” while he’s in office, what happens when it becomes my man in the same office? Doesn’t the abuse hurt every single one of us in the bigger picture? Isn’t this the whole point of what John Adams was saying? Isn’t this the very reason for the Declaration of Independence as the very essence of the Big Bang that gave birth to our Constitution in the first place? That WE are endowed by “our Creator”! Who but a band of immoral pirates would seek to wipe this Truth from the public blotter?

I would challenge my Atheist and LGBT friends to imagine their world without the integrity of moral government once absolute power is attained by that government. Given the current trajectory; the chilling of the press, NSA surveillance, the trending sense of arrogance and lack of accountability…this should not be too hard to imagine. What regard would such a government have for any “special interest” but its own? I will tell you the indisputable Truth that no heart can deny. When we have crossed that line, you along with the rest of us will surely know that what John Adams offered and we refused, was nothing less than Heaven here on earth!

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